CJ Brubacher Ltd Meets NHL Alumni Hockey!

nhl_alumni_photoLike many Canadians, we here at CJ Brubacher Ltd are huge fans of hockey. We're also huge fans of giving back to our community that has treated us well since 1923. That's why we've purchased 30 tickets to The NHL Alumni Hockey Tour at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex & Community Centre in support of Special Olympics Ontario & The Law Enforcement Torch Run! These tickets represent a donation from CJ Brubacher Ltd, which...
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How to Verify an Electrician’s License

It's well known that poor or outdated electrical work -- in residential or commercial buildings -- can lead to fires, cause your homeowners' insurance to be cancelled, and accrue a lot of extra money in repairs for what was thought to be a simple renovation project. What isn't as well known is how to spot a good, licensed electrician from an unlicensed electrician.

The importance of spotting the difference cannot be overstated.

Why is an Electrician's License Important?

Similar to the other trades, electrical work requires years of...
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Waterloo Air Conditioner Experts

Looking for Dedicated Air Conditioner Experts in Waterloo Region?

  Call Waterloo's most trusted team for immediate service. CJ Brubacher Ltd provides quality solutions and service you can trust. When a heat spell strikes, you can't go without your air conditioner. If you have poor venting in your home or don't own a fan, that is doubly true. Leaving a pet at home? You definitely want to make sure your home stays within a reasonable temperature. You need air conditioning technicians that can get you up and running...
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