When you purchase a new air conditioning system, investing in professional maintenance is vital to keep everything running smoothly. Additionally, older HVAC systems also get more service years when they are properly maintained. CJ Brubacher offers air conditioning maintenance services for customers. Find out why routine maintenance matters for your AC.

How a Professional Maintenance Schedule Benefits Your System

Partnering with our team for a professional maintenance service plan is the best way you can get the most out of your HVAC system. Here are some other reasons why a professional maintenance service plan benefits your AC system:

  • Helps your AC system last much longer.
  • Ensures you meet the requirements of your AC system manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Improves the energy efficiency of your AC system and saves on utility bills.
  • Builds a relationship between you and your contractor and provides expert advice when you need it.

Maintenance Services for Your HVAC

The pros at CJ Brubacher will work with you to develop a personalized maintenance plan for your HVAC system. Depending on your unit and its age, you may need the following services:

  • Schedule

    Our maintenance plans start with a schedule for year-round service and seasonal routine tasks. Customers can also access our technicians outside of their regularly scheduled appointments for AC troubleshooting and repair requests.

  • Routine Tasks

    Routine tasks during maintenance visits for your AC system include cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils and changing the air filter to make your system work more efficiently. We also check the outdoor condenser unit to make sure there aren’t any branches or debris blocking the system.

  • Yearly Tune-Ups

    Customers also get yearly tune-ups for their AC systems before the summer starts. Summer maintenance visits include checking the airflow and air quality of your system.

AC Problems That HVAC Maintenance Could Prevent

One of the best reasons to invest in professional air conditioning maintenance is to prevent big problems in your system. During each visit, technicians can diagnose and fix potential issues to keep your AC service from getting interrupted.

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality

    Maintenance could help improve your home’s indoor air quality. If your ducts are clogged with dust and dirt, this could impact the air you and your family breathe in your house. Additionally, a dirty air filter or coil may also lead to poor indoor air quality.

  • Energy Inefficiency

    Higher energy costs in the last few years mean pricey utility bills. Maintaining your system regularly could help you keep the costs under control and lose less cool air from an inefficient system. Our tune-ups help improve the functionality of an HVAC system and save energy.

  • Lack of AC

    Regular AC maintenance may also prevent your air conditioning from going out during those heat waves. When it’s boiling outside, your AC may have to work harder. A properly maintained system can handle the demands of staying cool on the hottest days of the summer.

  • Costly Repairs

    If your technician discovers a small problem, it may be easier and less expensive to address it at a tune-up appointment instead of waiting until it becomes even more of an issue. This could help you avoid costly repairs for your air conditioning system later down the road.

Quality Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Just like any other essential system in your home, your air conditioner needs to be maintained. A professional maintenance service plan with CJ Brubacher could help you avoid replacing your system prematurely and end up saving you money.

For more information about our air conditioning maintenance plans, contact us. CJ Brubacher is dedicated to providing incredible and reliable service to our customers so they don’t have service interruptions to their air conditioning.