When your air conditioning system stops working, the temperature in your home may start rising fast. During a heat wave, this could be a disaster and dangerous. When you have a problem with your HVAC, give the team at CJ Brubacher a call, your go-to team for air conditioning repair.

Signs of a Problem With Your Air Conditioning System

There are usually signs that your air conditioning system has a problem. Only professionals have the qualifications to diagnose and properly repair an HVAC system. Here are some clues your system needs professional attention:

  • Your unit won’t turn on.
  • The air conditioning isn’t cold.
  • You see water dripping from any part of your HVAC system.
  • The temperature in your house is not the same in each room.
  • Your air conditioner makes loud buzzing, clanging, clicking or screeching noises.

How We Can Help

CJ Brubacher’s team of licensed and experienced technicians is able to quickly diagnose air conditioning problems and offer a solution. We start by inspecting the unit and determining the cause of the issue. Then, we quickly repair your unit and get your home feeling comfortable again. We stand by our services and workmanship so you are completely satisfied.

Our pros also help residential customers with other air conditioning services, such as installation, maintenance and energy-efficiency tips. We install energy-saving smart thermostats for residential customers so you can enjoy more savings and a more efficient HVAC system. Additionally, our team also performs air conditioning tune-ups for customers so you can get the most out of your HVAC system.

HVAC Repair Services We Provide

If your air conditioning isn’t working right, you need a team that you can rely on for help. CJ Brubacher’s technicians and staff can get the diagnosis and repair right the first time. We are also available for emergency air conditioning repair whenever you need us. Here are common problems we solve:

  • Making Your AC Cold Again

    If your system isn’t putting out cold air, you need a professional to take a look. Sometimes the issue is a quick solution, such as changing the air filter or removing debris from the outdoor unit. Another possibility could be a refrigerant leak, which requires repair or replacement.

  • Stopping Water Leaks From Your AC

    The next problem that happens frequently with residential customers is when the AC leaks water. Our team may need to come in and clear out clogged condensate lines, replace the air filter or fix a problem with leaking refrigerant to get it back up to speed.

  • Repairing Air Conditioning That Won’t Turn On

    When the AC doesn’t even turn on, there may be several things going on. If the thermostat is set to the right temperature, there may be a mechanical failure. If your breaker is tripped on your electrical box, our team may need to come out and inspect for an electrical repair.

  • Fixing an AC System That Makes Unusual Noises

    Unusual noises may also be a sign of a bigger issue with your air conditioning system. We recommend turning your AC off if you hear strange noises coming from the unit or the system. Our pros can come out quickly to determine the causes of the sounds and get it fixed.

Fast Air Conditioning Repair by the Pros

The most important factors in a successful air conditioning repair are professional experience and knowledge. At CJ Brubacher we offer both to our customers. Let us help you get your AC back as quickly as possible.

Contact us today for an air conditioning repair service request or maintenance tips for your HVAC unit. Let us provide top-quality repair services to keep you and your loved ones comfortable and cool this summer.