Add Lighting to Your Living Room In Elmira

Add Lighting to Your Living Room In Elmira

Refresh your living room design with reliable electrical services in Elmira. Your living room is a popular gathering spot for your family and friends. If you don’t have enough lighting, then a few additions can make all the difference for your next weekend or evening gathering. Check out these three ideas for living room lighting upgrades.

Stay Cool With a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a great addition to any living room. This popular upgrade keeps air flowing throughout the room. It’s a must-have for warm summer days, but can be comfortable any time of year.

Size a ceiling fan appropriately for your room. A fan that’s too small won’t give enough airflow in your living room. A large fan, however, may look unusual and may provide too much air.

Some large living rooms are best kept cool with multiple ceiling fans. Consider whether you should add two or more fans by discussing your options with a licensed electrician in Elmira.

Fans can be installed where existing lights are or as a new installation project in another area of your ceiling. Be sure you work with a professional electrician to be sure your fans are properly installed. Ceiling fans require a fan-rated electrical box. Without this box, a fan isn’t safely secured to your ceiling.

Consider a ceiling fan with built-in lights for even more convenience. Improve the airflow of your living room while lighting it up with a ceiling-mounted light and fan combination. Some fans with lights need to be flush mounted to maintain enough headroom to walk around. This depends on the height of your ceiling and your chosen ceiling fan design.

Personalize Your Lighting With Wall Sconces

Wall sconces offer the practical light of a lamp with wall-mounted convenience. These handy lights come in a stunning range of sizes, shapes and colours, so you can use them to personalize your living room design.

Installing wall sconces where there aren’t currently any lights requires an experienced electrician. It requires an electrician to run wiring to the sconce, a light switch and the breaker box. These residential electrical services can be dangerous if you’re not working with a qualified professional.

Ask a professional for recommendations on wall sconce design ideas and placement strategies. Properly placed sconces add convenient light as you stay up late or read a book in the early morning. Improperly placed wall sconces, however, are visually unappealing and don’t provide convenient light.

Some wall sconces require durable lightboxes. Don’t attempt to swap out sconces yourself, particularly if you’re upgrading to a larger, heavier design. Discuss your plans with a local electrician to be sure you have the proper support and wiring configuration.

Add a Touch of Style With Accent Lights

Create an iconic living room experience with accent lights. These dynamic lighting features help create a focal point in your room. Some accent lights are designed to light up works of art, while others create a vibrant wall of light as an accent feature.

Just like wall sconces, accent lights typically require new wiring and electrical expertise. Improper accent lighting installation isn’t just dangerous, but can actually detract from the decorative features of your living room.

A professional can help you explore your accent light options. Ask for recommendations on size, style and light colour to match your living room design.

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