Benefits of Having a Humidifier Installed on your Furnace


One of the biggest health concerns majority of people suffer from is dehydration. Our bodies are comprised mainly with water, if the moisture leaves the tissue it dries up. With that, the elasticity goes and function declines. Besides having dry skin, the symptoms of dehydration can include raspy throat, sore eyes, joint and muscle pain and a lack of mental concentration.

There are two ways we can beat dehydration. The first is obvious, drink plenty of water and secondly, maintain the humidity in your home and office at a comfortable level with the use of a furnace humidifier.
Glass Water

Humidity and your Health

FamilyDid you know that inadequate humidity during cold weather is one of the major causes of respiratory infections? The cooler seasons when we require our furnace to be running causes people to have repeated winter colds. Most people blame winter for these problem, but the truth is, it’s caused by dryness. The dryness affects the membranes of the throat, nose and bronchial tubes. Relative humidity also has quite the effect on controlling airborne infections.

So what can we do? Have one of your HVAC technicians install a humidifier on your furnace in your home where you spend most of your time. For many, dry air can be an air quality issue. Some bacteria, viruses and respiratory irritants feed off dry air. Enough moisture in the body helps enable the immune system to defend better against indoor respiratory pollutants and irritants.

Humidity and your Comfort

The air in your home is constantly trying to reach its saturation point, meaning that it will absorb water from wherever it can find it. It will steal moisture from your body, your pets, your furniture and even your house plants. When the moisture is given up in your home to the air, your body (skin, nasal passages and throat) dries out and cracks causing some physical discomfort to you and your family. Some doctors will recommend to their patients that are suffering from allergies or asthma to have a humidifier set up in their home.

Humidity and your Home

Do you have any wood in your home? Chances are the air is stealing humidity from that too. When the dry air sucks the moisture out it causes the wood to crack and shrink, this can even affect your furniture. Some people will notice that their doors no longer fit properly in the frame as the moisture has been removed causing the wood to shrink.

Have you ever shuffled across the carpet only to touch something or someone and be shocked? Did you know that your body is capable of holding a 20,000 volt static charge? This may be the most annoying part of dry air in the home, static shock. This means that your body can wreak havoc on your computer and any other electronic devices. Keeping the relative humidity in your home above 35% significantly reduces the likelihood of static shock.

Humidity and your Wallet

You might be wondering how humidity can affect your wallet. Have you ever noticed that the humid summer air actually feels hotter than it is? That same idea applies to your home as well. By keeping your home at the proper humidity level, you can turn down your thermostat a few degrees while still feeling comfortable.

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