The Story of CJ Brubacher as They Celebrate 100 Years in Business

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Our timeline tells a story of innovation, dedication, and growth from our early days as a small local business, to our expansion into new regions. Join us on a journey through the decades, and discover how CJ Brubacher has transformed over the years to become the trusted brand we are today.

Reaching the milestone of 100 years in business is a true testament to a company’s resilience and dedication to its customers. It’s a feat that requires more than just a commitment to quality products or services, as it demands the ability to successfully navigate through economic and industry changes, from technological advancements to shifting customer preferences. 

It takes a long-term vision, a willingness to adapt, and a steadfast focus on customer satisfaction, amongst other qualities. Achieving such a milestone is truly remarkable, as it is a testament to a company’s hard work and dedication to its customers throughout the years. This is why we are so proud of our 100-year anniversary at CJ Brubacher!

Customer Service

Having been in business for over a century, we have learned a thing or two about quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. We understand that our customers have come to rely on us for their needs, whether it’s repairs or new installations. 

75 years

Our experienced technicians use only the best materials and equipment to ensure that every job is done right the first time. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction and strive to provide a personalized experience for each and every one of our valued clients. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we look forward to continuing to serve our community for another hundred years to come.

Our Story

Behind every successful business lies a unique and captivating backstory. Ours is no exception. Our journey toward success has been a long and fruitful one, one that has required extensive dedication, hard work and commitment. 

Over the years, we have strived to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical world, constantly innovating and reinventing ourselves to remain relevant. As a result, we have made significant strides, achieving impressive milestones along the way. 

From humble beginnings to where we stand today, our story is one of resilience and perseverance, and we couldn’t be prouder of it. So, join us as we take you on a journey through our past and present and show you how we became the successful business we are today.

original cjb buildingClare Brubacher

CJ Brubacher would not exist today if it were not for the dreams of Clare Brubacher. Born in 1891, Clare was an ambitious young man who started his career at Waterloo Manufacturing as a steamfitter then he worked in the plumbing and heating division of M. Weichel and Son in Waterloo prior to enlisting in WW1 in 1916. He was discharged in the spring of 1919 and started working for Simon-Moyer Plumbing in Elmira. 

Realizing his dreams of owning his own business, Clare and fellow coworker Charles Hemmerly bought the company in 1921. After two short years, Clare became the business’s sole owner, showing his true ambition and entrepreneurship. During this transition, Clare changed the company’s name to CJ Brubacher, as it is still known today. 

CJ Brubacher’s Location

CJ Buracher’s original location on Arthur Street in Elmira, Ontario, has a rich history that dates back to 1921. The building, which served as the company’s home for over three decades, faced some challenges in 1951 when it needed to be demolished. However, the resilient company did not let this hinder its operations. Instead, they moved just down the street to a temporary location while reconstructing the new building. This temporary move was a testament to the company’s dedication to providing the best services possible to its customers. 

In 1953, the Brubacher business had the great opportunity to move back into their newly reconstructed building on Arthur Street. After a long and tedious restoration process, the building was once again their own, and they couldn’t have been happier. 

It was a momentous occasion for the entire company, especially Clare Brubacher, who was instrumental in overseeing the rebuilding process. Being able to see his vision come to life was a truly gratifying experience. 

CJB FamilyA Family Affair

In 1949, Clare’s son, Ralph Brubacher, joined his father’s business, CJ Brubacher, starting a journey that would last for decades. Clare taught his son the ins and outs of running a business, including the importance of positively impacting the community. This lesson stuck with Ralph over the years, and in 1965, he took over as the head of CJ Brubacher and incorporated the company.

As time passed, CJ Brubacher remained committed to providing exceptional services while also striving to make a lasting impact on the community, just as Clare had originally imagined. With their focus on quality and community, CJ Brubacher grew to be an institution in the region, a company that people turn to time and time again.

The year 1974 marked an exciting time for CJ Brubacher with the start of Peter Brubacher’s apprenticeship. Peter, the grandson of Clare, was ready to begin learning the ins and outs of the family business. Not long after, his brother James also joined as an apprentice, continuing the family legacy. It’s inspiring to see how the Brubacher family has kept their business thriving for generations, passing on their expertise and values to the next. CJ Brubacher’s dedication to training young talent ensures the continuation of quality service for many years to come.

CJ Brubacher Today

In 1994, James and Peter took the reins of the business and continued to expand it through years of hard work and dedication. Their efforts did not go unnoticed, and their success inspired the next generation. 

In 2004, Kyle Brubacher (Clare’s great-grandson) had the opportunity to follow in James’ and Peter’s footsteps and start his own apprenticeship within CJ Brubacher. With their guidance and mentorship, he was able to learn the ropes of the industry and develop his skills. James and Peter’s legacy lives on through Kyle as he carries on the traditions and values of the business as he acquired full ownership in 2019. 

Zach Brubacher, the great-great-grandson of Clare, is the most recent family member to start his apprenticeship at CJ Brubacher. In 2020 he started his journey to continue the long-time family tradition that his ancestors set. He is currently learning from generations before him and taking part in preserving and strengthening what the business stands for. At CJ Brubacher, his training involves becoming familiar with all aspects of the family-run business to adequately prepare him to become a leader like those who came before. With this apprenticeship, Zach will continue to grow and develop, as well as develop a deep appreciation for the strong values that the company upholds.

Many other family members of the Brubacher family have worked for the company throughout the years. This includes Julie Adams (great-granddaughter of Clare), who started working in office dispatch in 2008. In 2022 another of Clare’s great-granddaughters joined the company’s office team.  

Your Trusted Team

Your Trusted CJB Team

CJ Brubacher Ltd. is the reliable and professional team you can trust for all your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical needs in the Elmira and Waterloo Region. Our family-owned and operated company has stood the test of time and continuously strives to exceed your expectations. 

Our experienced technicians are fully licensed, and our top priority is to provide excellent customer service. We understand the importance of having reliable systems in your home, and that’s why we offer a range of services to ensure that your home is always comfortable and functioning smoothly. 

From simple repairs to complex installations, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right the first time. At CJ Brubacher Ltd., we take pride in our work and always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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