4 Common Air Conditioning Problems You May Experience In Kitchener

4 Common Air Conditioning Problems You May Experience In Kitchener

People outside of Canada may assume that it is cold and snowy here all the time. However, if you live in Kitchener, you know that summers can become quite warm. If there is something wrong with your air conditioner, you want to identify it right away so you can call for air conditioning services in Kitchener. Here are some common problems you may encounter and what may be causing them. 

1. Condenser Coil Freezing

It takes energy to cool your home or office during the summer. The hotter the outside temperature, the harder your AC has to work. This is normal and expected. However, if your unit has to work too hard, it could cause the condenser coil to freeze, which is not normal. 

Air conditioners work harder when they are dirty or when their parts are obstructed. You can prevent the condenser coil from freezing by having frequent maintenance to check the ducts, condenser, and blower fan for obstructions and by changing the air filters frequently. 

2. Hot Air Blowing Instead of Cold

One of the most obvious types of residential air conditioning problems, as well as one of the most frustrating, is when the unit blows hot air when it is supposed to be blowing cold. You turned on the AC in the first place because you were too warm, and now this just compounds the problem. 

Assuming that you have checked to make sure that you switched the central HVAC unit over to air conditioning, there are two reasons for hot air blowing when you want cold. The refrigerant level may be low, or the compressor may be overheating due to an obstruction in the ducts or a dirty air filter. You may be able to prevent such issues by having regular duct cleanings and changing the filter frequently. Once the problems occur, however, they require professional air conditioning services in Kitchener to correct. 

3. Air Conditioner Not Turning On

It’s bad enough when your air conditioner blows hot air on you, but it is even worse when it doesn’t turn on at all. If it doesn’t help to set the thermostat to a lower temperature, this is probably a sign of an electrical problem. The wiring may be loose or the thermostat may be faulty. Commercial air conditioning may stop working because a circuit breaker has tripped, meaning that the demand on the circuit is greater than its supply. Attempting to fix electrical issues yourself is dangerous if you do not know what you are doing, so bring in a professional. 

4. Strange Smells Coming From the System

When an air conditioner is functioning properly, you shouldn’t be able to perceive any smells coming from it. Malfunctioning AC units, however, can produce several types of strange smells, and the type of smell may give you a clue as to what is causing it. For example, if the smell is musty, it means that there is a problem with the drainage. Water is collecting where it is not supposed to and may be facilitating mold growth.

A burning or electrical smell is a more serious problem. If you perceive it, you should turn off the air conditioner right away. The system may be overheating, probably due to clogged air filters, which should be replaced immediately. Contact professional HVAC services right away if you encounter the problem of a strange smell coming from your unit. You may also be able to prevent the problem with regular cleaning of the unit and the ducts

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While air conditioning may seem less vital than heating, high temperatures are responsible for more deaths than any other weather. Therefore, your AC is anything but expendable, and you should have it serviced by the qualified technicians at CJ Brubacher.