Importance of Good Lighting For Your Commercial Office In Waterloo

Importance of Good Lighting For Your Commercial Office In Waterloo

Why Lighting Matters in Your Commercial Waterloo Office

People often take electricity for granted. Think about it, how often do you consider the engineering that goes into your lamps? While residential lighting is important, it doesn’t necessarily take priority over commercial lighting. Electrical services in Waterloo know full well how lighting can affect business profits. 

As a commercial property or business owner, the effects of lighting need consideration. If you are a property owner, poor lighting can affect tenant turnover. As a business owner, lighting affects your profits and worker performance. 

When considering the effects of lights, think about the people using the space. Different lighting can produce different feelings, affecting worker motivation and drive. As you prepare a plan for your property, consider the importance of good lighting

1. Reduces Headaches

Most office spaces require workers to use computers. If the lighting in the office is too dim, the workers can suffer headaches. The headaches are a result of eyestrain.  

While computers alone can cause headaches and eyestrain, poor lighting can cause it. When properties force workers or clients to operate in the dark, the eyes must work harder to focus. 

Quality lighting should illuminate a workspace. A worker should not have to squint or strain to do their job. When space is well-lit, the eyes can relax, reducing potential headaches. 

Unfortunately, appropriate lighting depends on the facility and the occupation. For example, a facility with plenty of natural light may not need as much manufactured light, especially when most active in the day. 

2. Improves Work Activity

Dull and dim lighting work against the body’s natural rhythms. The human body sleeps at night and wakes during the day. The evening creates a surge of melatonin to prepare for a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, when an office is dimly lit, the body becomes confused. The low light creates sleepy conditions, potentially affecting productivity. 

Mood lighting is okay for residential electrical services, but it is counterproductive for business. Bright lights tell your body that it is time to be awake and alert. Well-lit office space can promote improved energy and productivity. It is not uncommon for a well-lit commercial area to encourage better performance and increase consumer activity. Therefore, better light can mean greater profits

3. Brightens the Mood

Think about how you felt the last time you sat in a low-light living room, watching TV. How long did it take for your eyes to get heavy or for you to fall asleep? While most people will blame the lack of energy on comfy furniture or a busy day, lighting plays a significant role. 

Sit an office worker at their desk with paperwork to complete and turn down the lights. You will see them slowly nodding off, rubbing their eyes, or making mistakes. Additionally, you will see a worker that does not want to work, who possibly gets easily flustered and annoyed. 

Bright light mimics the sun. It makes people happy and gives them an energy boost. 

When was the last time you reviewed your building’s lighting situation? Is your facility still using incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lighting? If so, it might be time to consider an update. LED lights are more efficient and are better for employees. Additionally, the new bulbs are better for your business’s pocketbook. 

Are you ready to upgrade your facility’s lighting, or at least entertain the idea? Contact CJ Brubacher Ltd. to discuss its commercial electrical services. The company will send out a licensed electrician to inspect your current system. After reviewing your specific needs, the electrician will create a custom estimate with their recommendations for critical upgrades. As always, the final decision is up to you.