Kitchener Heating Services: 3 Reasons To Avoid DIY Furnace Repairs

Kitchener Heating Services: 3 Reasons To Avoid DIY Furnace Repairs

A furnace on the fritz can be a significant inconvenience at your home. This major appliance plays a big part in making your house comfortable. If you’re typically a handy person, you may be tempted to do some research and try to fix your furnace on your own. However, this is a risky option. Check out why it’s better to leave furnace repair in Kitchener to the professionals.

Gas Lines Are Dangerous

At the top of the list of reasons to avoid messing with your furnace is the gas connection. Many modern furnaces run on natural gas. While that offers consistent and reliable heat and energy, it also creates the risk for gas to leak into your home where it shouldn’t be. A gas leak could turn into an explosion with just a spark.

When our professionals make a repair involving a gas line, they know how to properly turn the gas supply on and off and ensure the gas line is correctly connected or capped. A professional repair person will also know the signs of a pipe that needs to be repaired to prevent future problems. These are skills you can’t get without special training.

Risk of Electrical Hazards

Safety risks also come in the form of electrical hazards. Electrical furnaces are popular as an efficient choice to heat your home. Even gas units will have some electrical parts. When repairs are needed, whoever is tasked with opening up the unit and finding the problem needs to have a healthy understanding of how to handle wires.

Making a mistake with electrical parts during a residential or commercial furnace repair could have dangerous results. Grabbing a live wire could result in burns, electrical shock or electrocution.

There is also the risk of a wire shorting out and impacting the electrical system connected to your furnace. A surge could trip a circuit or even cause damage to other HVAC elements in your home or business. You could end up needing more than just the furnace repaired.

DIY Repairs Void Warranties

Attempting residential furnace repair also brings the risk that you will void the warranty of your appliance or previous guarantees on older repairs. Furnace manufacturers usually give an estimated lifespan for how long the unit should last and will often promise to fix well-maintained furnaces if something unexpectedly fails.

However, there is likely a requirement that repair work is done by a qualified technician. This is because the company wants to make sure that there is no additional damage done to the unit. When you go tinkering inside your furnace on your own, your manufacturer may decide that they don’t have to take responsibility for a non-working component since they don’t know what was done to it.

Furnace Repair in Kitchener You Can Trust

Once you take DIY furnace repair off the table, it’s time to get a professional team you can count on like CJ Brubacher Ltd. Our experts use their experience to figure out why your furnace isn’t heating your home the way it should, and what it takes to fix it. By working with a qualified team, you get reliable work done right the first time.

A furnace repair partner can also help guide you on regular maintenance. They understand the best working conditions for your unit and can let you know if there is something that will help the furnace run better or something that is hurting its performance.

Furnaces are important and costly parts of homes, so ensuring they work well is worth the investment. Don’t risk damaging yours or hurting yourself with a home repair. Instead, reach out to CJ Brubacher Ltd for quality fixes anytime.