Waterloo HVAC Services: When to Change the Air Conditioning Filter

Waterloo HVAC Services: When to Change the Air Conditioning Filter

Your air conditioning system can run more efficiently if you regularly change the filter. Filters help improve your indoor air quality by keeping your HVAC system’s components functioning the way they should be. Our contractors and technicians at CJ Brubacher can help with an HVAC inspection so you can get recommendations about when to change your filter and which kind would be best for your system. Our air conditioning services in Waterloo can help keep you cool this summer.

How Often To Change Your Filter

Homeowners should ask their HVAC technicians about how often to change their residential air conditioning filter. Your filter changing frequency will be dependent on several factors including your lifestyle, habits, household residents and HVAC system specifications. 

If you have a system that uses a standard-sized filter, you should change it every 30 to 60 days. If there are people with allergies in your house, you should change the filter more often. Pet owners may also have to change their filters more often than usual, sometimes as frequently as every 20 days.

Signs You Need To Change Your Filter

If you aren’t sure if your filter needs changing, there are some clear signs that you need to replace it with a new one. First, check your air filter. If it looks dirty and dusty, it may need to be changed. If your home is also dusty, you should change the filter. 

Another reason to change your air filter for your air conditioning unit is if you notice an increase in allergy symptoms. A dirty HVAC filter can also emit a strange smell from your air conditioning unit and cause it to leak. Additionally, if you aren’t sure when you changed your filter, you should probably replace it.

Picking the Right Filter for Your HVAC

It’s also important to understand which air filter works with your air conditioning system. Our team can give you suggestions on filter brands and sizes that will fit in your HVAC system. First, you’ll need to determine the filter size for your unit. The most common sizes are filters that are from one to four inches wide.

You also need to choose a filter that has an appropriate MERV rating for your unit. MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value. Residential customers should choose filters with a MERV rating of less than 16. Higher MERV ratings are for filters in a commercial air conditioning system.

How To Replace the Filter

When you’re ready to change your filter, the first thing you should do is turn the air conditioning and fan off. Locate where the filter slides into your HVAC unit and check to make sure your replacement filter is the correct size. Your old filter should be labelled with the specifications for size.

Then, remove the access panel to your HVAC unit and take out the old filter. Place the new filter and use the arrows on the packaging to make sure it is positioned correctly. Then you can turn your HVAC system back on.

Air Conditioning Services in Waterloo

After changing your air conditioning filter in your HVAC unit, your system should run smoothly. If you still notice problems, such as a leaky unit, temperatures that aren’t cold or a weird smell, you may need service from the HVAC experts at CJ Brubacher.

Before your air conditioning system starts working hard this spring and summer, make sure you schedule a yearly tune-up and inspection with CJ Brubacher. Regular filter changes, tune-ups and HVAC maintenance can help keep your residential or commercial system working great. Let us handle your HVAC installation, repair and maintenance so you can relax in the cool air this season.