Electrician in Kitchener: Efficient and Cost-Effective Lighting Upgrades

Electrician in Kitchener: Efficient and Cost-Effective Lighting Upgrades

When it comes to lighting, it’s best to contract electrical services in Kitchener before you have a major issue. Not only is your electrical system serious business, but your home’s lighting makes a huge impact on your comfort and safety. For example, poor visibility in the bathroom can cause slips, while inconvenient features make reading in bed more frustrating than relaxing. Businesses also need to consider lighting and how it affects their employees’ work performance, as well as customers’ perceptions of their companies.

Fortunately, CJ Brubacher can help you upgrade your fixtures. With the right approach, you can even increase energy efficiency.

Boosting the Efficiency of Your Lighting

If it’s been over a decade since you last hired electrical services, your fixtures are likely outdated. Energy standards have risen by leaps and bounds, and just replacing your light bulbs can make a significant difference. Of course, speaking with professional residential and commercial electrical services is always a good idea to see what else needs improvement. After an inspection, you may even find that your home or business needs emergency work to address fire hazards.

That said, it’s best to update your lighting before it starts giving you major trouble. To avoid expensive repairs, look out for the following warning signs.

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Lighting

Frequent flickering is a sure sign that you need electrical services. It may indicate that something is wrong with the fixtures or wiring. Additionally, it doesn’t make a great impression on customers, who may assume you don’t take care of your property. For homeowners, flickering lights can be irritating, especially for those with sensory sensitivities.

Alternatively, your fixtures may work well but look old and worn. You may notice discolouration, a common sign of repeated exposure to excess heat, or chipped finishes. Replacing this lighting can transform the space, making it trendier and more welcoming.

Ways To Improve Your Lighting’s Energy Efficiency

Improving your lighting’s energy efficiency offers several benefits:

  • Reduce energy bills
  • Decrease your carbon footprint
  • Make the space more comfortable

One of the easiest ways to accomplish the above is to hire electrical services to replace incandescent bulbs, which are incredibly inefficient and produce a lot of heat. LEDs are the best replacement but can get expensive. However, they last approximately 25,000 hours, so they’re often worth the cost. If you can’t justify buying LEDs at this time, consider CFL bulbs. These are almost as energy-efficient as LED bulbs and cost much less; they only last a fraction of the time an LED does, but they beat incandescent bulbs by miles.

Homeowners may also consider installing dimmer switches for better control over their energy use. Motion detectors and timers can also optimize this resource.

Reasons To Hire an Electrician for Renovations

Whenever you have a lighting issue, it’s essential to hire professional electrical services, such as those offered by CJ Brubacher. Electrical work can be dangerous, which is why electricians complete years of hands-on training and must pass rigorous exams before obtaining their licenses. This training ensures they know all regulations to keep their clients safe.

Additionally, professional electricians have proper insurance coverage. Should an accident or a mistake occur during work, their policies will cover the costs of repairs and medical care.

Hiring Professional Electrical Services in Kitchener

CJ Brubacher has proudly served homeowners and business owners for 100 years and continues to set the standard in heating, plumbing and electrical services. Whether you need major repairs or want to make minor changes to your fixtures, this team of professionals can assist. The many skilled professionals at CJ Brubacher can tackle complex projects, ensuring you only have to make one call. Learn more by visiting the website or giving us a call at 519-669-3362.

Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Home: Advice from Kitchener's Top Electricians

Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Home: Advice from Kitchener’s Top Electricians

With energy prices going up, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient without having to spend a lot of money on an initial investment like a full home remodel. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to reduce your energy usage with the help of professionals from electrical services in Kitchener. Here are four energy efficiency tips for your home.

1. Use Ceiling Fans Installed by Electrical Services in Kitchener

When it gets hot in the house, it might be tempting to turn up the air conditioning. However, air conditioning units use a lot of energy, especially those that cool the entire house rather than just one room. Ceiling fans come in handy when residents wish to only cool down one room, or when it is not quite hot enough to make activating the central air conditioning system worth it. Ceiling fans are not only great for hot weather, as they can help regulate the heat in a room on cold days as well.

If you have a large room that you and other residents of your home spend a lot of time in, it might be worth installing a larger ceiling fan for greater cooling. Residential electrical services can help install new ceiling fans in your home and ensure that they work properly and at maximum efficiency.

2. Use Large Appliances at Night

In order to help regulate the supply and demand of energy, many electric companies use something called a time-of-use rate. This means that as a customer, you pay less for the electricity you use when overall demand is low, such as at night. If you can, do your laundry later in the evening or early in the morning. It is even easier to run the dishwasher overnight, as doing so requires even less of your attention than doing a load of laundry. Some dishwashers even give you the ability to delay the cycle ahead of time to run overnight.

Appliances that are in good repair are generally more energy efficient than older ones. Continuing to use a large appliance that is less energy efficient will hurt your pocketbook over time. If you search for an electrician near me, you will find a technician who can come and repair your existing appliances.

3. Seal Your Windows and Doors

When the seals around your windows and doors are broken, you are essentially letting out the cold air that your air conditioning system works hard to produce in the warmer months, and the warm air produced during the colder months. The professionals who work at electrical services in Kitchener suggest that if you feel air coming through your windows or doors, consider putting a new seal on them to have a more energy-efficient home.

4. Unplug Items When You Are Not Using Them

You may think that electronics and appliances only use energy when they are in use, but this is a false assumption. One easy way to help conserve electricity is to unplug items such as televisions, lamps, and small kitchen appliances like coffee makers and blenders when not in use. By making little changes such as this, you can reduce your energy consumption in the long run.

Do You Need Electrical Services in Kitchener?

When it comes to your home’s electrical efficiency, you should not take any chances. With the right measures, you can save yourself money and stress by ensuring an energy-efficient home. By following the four tips provided in this article, you can make your home more efficient while also lessening its environmental impact. 

Of course, if you need assistance with installation or another type of work that requires professional expertise, then Kitchener’s top electricians are here to help. At CJ Brubacher, our electricians offer top-quality services – all backed by our satisfaction guarantee. So if you need electrical services in Kitchener, don’t wait any longer – contact us today and start on the path to a greener and more efficient home!

4 Reasons to Call an Electrician in Waterloo During Summer

4 Reasons to Call an Electrician in Waterloo During Summer

Your electrical system is one of the most important elements of your home because it supplies you with power. Keeping your home running smoothly throughout the year requires you to maintain your electrical system, but it’s never a good idea to tackle electrical problems yourself because of the potential hazards involved. Whether you need residential or commercial electrical services, CJ Brubacher is here to help. Here are four reasons you may need to call an electrician this summer.

1. The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Your air conditioner running excessively is the most common cause of tripping your circuit breaker. It’s often inconvenient, but the circuit breaker trips when it is overloaded to prevent an electrical fire, so it is actually a safety feature. Circuit breakers often trip during warm months when the air conditioner runs most frequently, so you may need to call an electrician to rewire your circuits if they keep being overloaded by excessive use of your air conditioner.

2. Your Pool Needs To Be Inspected

You spend a lot of time by the pool during the summer, and most pools use up a significant amount of electricity through lighting during the nighttime hours and operating the pump during the day. If you own a pool, you understand the importance of having an electrician on call when you see a problem with your pump or pool lights.

If you avoid calling a professional for help and try to resolve the issue yourself, you could end up with a more extensive problem that costs significantly more to repair. Working with an electrician to maintain your pool is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

3. Outdoor Lighting Isn’t Working

During the warm summer months, you spend a lot of time outside entertaining guests on the back patio. You rely on outdoor lights to help you see various activities after the sun goes down, and when your lights aren’t working properly, you need to call a licensed technician to resolve the problem. 

Sometimes, the issue is with the light fixture and can be resolved by buying a new one. However, the problem is most often caused by issues with the wiring, and this is never a problem you should try to resolve on your own because there is an enhanced risk to your safety if you touch the wrong wire.

4. Lights Are Flickering

The lights in your home flicker for many reasons. Sometimes the solution is as simple as changing the lightbulb, but often, resolving the problem requires more extensive intervention. An electrician can provide residential electrical services and check the connections between lightbulbs and fixtures to ensure they are secure.

If the issue persists and most often occurs right after the air conditioner comes on, the problem may be caused by an overloaded circuit. Electricians can rewire circuits to distribute the spread of power more evenly throughout your home.

Call CJ Brubacher for Help With Electrical Problems

Some electrical issues have easy fixes and pose a minimal risk if you tried to result in yourself, but in general, it is dangerous to work with an electrical system if you do not have the proper training. A licensed electrician is better equipped to diagnose various issues and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. If you expect there is a problem with any of your wires it’s best to leave the issue for a licensed electrician to solve. Call the experts at CJ Brubacher today for help with electrical services in Waterloo.

Eco-Friendly Electrical Upgrades to Save Energy and Money

Eco-Friendly Electrical Upgrades to Save Energy and Money

Everyone is trying to save money on utilities. It makes sense financially and environmentally. While there may be an initial investment, the long-term benefits far outweigh any installation costs. Here are a few of our favourite electrical upgrades that will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. CJ Brucacher offers professional residential electrical services to improve your home’s comfort and efficiency.

LED Lighting

LED lighting uses up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lights. This improved performance saves money by using less energy and lasting longer, so you don’t buy as many lightbulbs. LED lights do not generate heat, putting all of the electricity towards lighting your home. Artwork and interior decorations won’t degrade when exposed to LED lights. LED lights also withstand being turned on and off better than traditional lights. These lights come in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. You can install LED lights in places where traditional lights won’t fit.

Bathroom Fan Timers

After a bath or shower, the bathroom fan should run for about 20 minutes to reduce condensation and prevent mould and mildew. If you’ve ever gotten out of the shower and gone directly to bed, you might have either left the bathroom fan on all night or turned it off too quickly. Instead of wasting energy or accepting the risk of mould, install a timer on the bathroom fan. There are two types, manual and digital. A manual timer works like an oven timer that winds down and shuts off when the mechanism reaches the end. Digital timers can be set in 5- or 10-minute intervals. Manual timers are certainly less expensive, but smart digital timers can be controlled by your phone or other device. Depending on the level of installation, you may be able to simply plug the timer into your current system or you may want a professional electrician.

Dimmer Switches

If you enjoy mood lighting, you may already have dimmer switches in your home. Dimmer switches let you change the intensity of light from one bulb or even multiple. Modern dimmer switches go well beyond mood lighting though. These switches are energy efficient. Reducing the light in one bulb can save up to 98%. You can also create an ambience that suits your mood. Incorporating dimmer switches into your system can increase the longevity of your lights, both regular and LED.

Why You Should Use Professional Electrical Services

Many homeowners try to save money by DIYing some projects. Residential and commercial electrical services require a level of skill that many homeowners don’t have. Electricians have licenses, insurance and certifications that prove they understand how to get the job done safely and effectively. Here are three other reasons you should always contact a professional electrician when you need home repairs or upgrades:

  1. Electricians have the tools and equipment to install electrical components. This, combined with their knowledge and experience makes sure that anything you change to your electrical system is done right and won’t cause problems down the road.
  2. Electricians make sure your home is up to code. Electrical components are required to comply with electrical codes in your community. A professional electrician knows the codes and meets requirements, keeping your home safe.
  3. Professional electricians give you peace of mind. When electrical components aren’t wired correctly, there’s a bigger risk of fire and other dangers to your home. When you hire a professional, you won’t have to worry about the risks of not having the work done right. It just makes sense to have a professional do the work for your security and comfort. Contact CJ Brubacher for electrical services in Waterloo.
4 Signs You Need an Electrician Right Away in Kitchener

4 Signs You Need an Electrician Right Away in Kitchener

If you suspect there is a problem with your home’s electrical system, you need to contact a professional skilled in electrical services in Kitchener right away. Electrical problems can lead to issues with your lights, appliances and electrical fires. Attempting to fix an electrical problem yourself could lead to even more damage or danger to your safety or your property. At CJ Brubacher, we can help solve your electrical problems quickly. Here are four signs you need to call us right away.

1. Flickering Lights

A common sign that there is a problem in your electrical work is if your lights flicker. If you have light fixtures that consistently flicker, there may be a problem with your wiring. It’s also problematic if your lights flicker when you use appliances, hair dryers or your air conditioner. When lights are flickering, there may be loose wires, a short or something loose in the fixture. An electrician can check out your lights and electrical panel to determine the following steps to fix the issue.

2. Electrical Shocks

The next big clue that there is something wrong with your electrical system is if you experience electrical shocks. If you feel an electrical shock when you plug something into one of your outlets, that could indicate a problem. An electrician can determine the cause of the electrical shock and remedy the situation.

When this problem occurs, it may be due to an unstable electrical circuit, damage in your circuit or problems with the power cord for your appliance. Ignoring this issue could create a fire hazard in your home. If you ever experience a powerful electrical shock after plugging something in, you may need to seek medical attention or you may need to call 911.

3. Burning Smell

Another dangerous sign of a problem with your home’s electrical system is a burning smell. If you notice a strange odour in your home, it’s essential to get it checked out immediately. A smoky smell may be indicative of a wiring issue that could quickly turn into a fire. Make sure you call a professional with expertise in residential electrical services so the power can be turned off in your home to avoid a potential fire hazard.

A burning smell may be due to a variety of factors. You may have loose or frayed electrical wires that are starting to melt or burn. It could also be from an overloaded circuit that can’t handle your home’s power needs.

4. Buzzing Sound

Finally, in addition to paying attention to the smells in your home, you also want to listen carefully for any unusual sounds that may be associated with electrical wiring failures. If you hear buzzing in your walls, that may be related to an electrical system problem and needs to be looked at immediately.

An electrical buzzing sound may be due to problems with your wiring. It could also be from outlet failures or your wall switches malfunctioning. A licensed electrician can check out the noise and help you with the next steps.

Professional Electrical Services in Kitchener

Homeowners should never wait around or delay service if there is a potential electrical system fault. The average DIYer is not knowledgeable or skilled enough to fix electrical wiring or outlet damage issues. To avoid injuring yourself or causing significant damage to your home, reach out to a professional, licensed electrician to determine the cause of your issue and get it fixed safely and quickly.

Connect with CJ Brubacher for your residential electrical system needs. We provide immediate emergency services for potentially dangerous situations. We can also help with electrical panel upgrades, light fixtures and outlet installations and maintenance of your entire system.

Commmon Workplace Electrical Problems

Waterloo Electrician: Commmon Workplace Electrical Problems

Many commercial properties have an onsite maintenance staff. While a trained staff can handle many common issues, only licensed electrical services in Waterloo should inspect or correct electrical systems.

Too many people make the mistake of assuming building wiring is straightforward when it is a complex and potentially dangerous interconnection of circuits. Through the years, codes change and technology develops, resulting in many companies operating with a mix of old and new wiring, which can present challenges and risks to inexperienced, well-meaning onsite staff. Even common problems can become significant risks if a person is not a professional.

Therefore, while the onsite staff is qualified for various tasks, they cannot and should not interfere with a property’s wiring or electrical systems. A licensed electrician is the only professional qualified to handle common and complex electrical system problems.

Understanding 3 Common Electrical Problems

Do not assume that because an electrical issue is common that it is safe for unqualified individuals to correct it. Even the most common problems can have disastrous outcomes when mishandled, such as electrical fires. That said, many commercial facilities experience a few of the same issues, and they should understand those issues, but only to recognize when a professional is necessary.

1. Old Wiring

Commercial facilities may have old wiring stretched throughout the property and connected to newer outlets or circuits. The older wiring is more prone to damage from electrical surges or overloaded circuits. Also, mixing and matching electrical components is never a good idea.

A professional electrician can help companies review their systems and suggest necessary upgrades. Sometimes upgrades are required to meet existing building and safety codes. Businesses must remain compliant with current regulations to maintain operational licenses and insurance.

2. Flickering Lights

Commercial and residential electrical services often assist property owners with flickering lights. Business lights might flicker for many reasons, but the most common are loose connections.

However, flickering lights can also occur because of overloaded circuits or faulty wiring. Each potential issue comes with an escalated sense of urgency.

As much as companies want to save money and subvert certain operational expenses, it is never wise to neglect electrical issues. Contact a licensed electrician to diagnose and resolve flickering lights or other lighting problems.

3. Sparks

Sparks can happen even with healthy electrical systems, but they should not remain persistent. Most sparks will occur around outlets, which often indicates an upgrade is necessary. However, if sparks happen often or employees notice outlets heating up, it is crucial to react. Employers or maintenance staff should cut the main power immediately.

Continuous or frequent sparks and heating outlets represent a significant concern. Fire risks are possible in these situations. Therefore, it is crucial that property owners call a licensed electrical service.

Hiring a Professional To Intervene

Licensed electricians are the only qualified professionals who can work on a building’s electrical systems. They understand building and safety codes and know how to perform electrical work safely.

While onsite maintenance can handle more minor issues, such as swapping out an outlet or replacing a fuse, any situations that require investigating entire systems or wiring require a professional. The risk of electrocution is too great for a novice to attempt system repairs. Also, working with unlicensed repair persons risks the safety of all employees and the business.

Licensed services and technicians have the training and experience to correct various issues, from the common to the complex. If you notice any electrical problems in your building, contact CJ Brubacher Ltd. immediately. The company will send a licensed professional to assess the building’s systems and resolve any existing issues. The technician may also suggest necessary upgrades to ensure the property meets current codes and regulations.

Kitchener Electrical Repair: Why Outlets Spark

Kitchener Electrical Repair: Why Outlets Spark

Having an outlet that sparks when you use it can be alarming. When you have electrical trouble, you need expert service that you can trust to do the job right the first time and for less. We are CJ Brubacher Ltd., and we specialize in electrical services in Kitchener, Ontario and the surrounding areas. As experts in our field since 1923, we frequently receive questions about sparking outlets.

There are several reasons why an outlet may spark. Some are cause for concern and should be dealt with right away, while others may not warrant worry. To help you identify the nature of your situation, let’s take a look at eight potential reasons for your outlet trouble.

1. The Wiring Is Loose or Frayed

While it may not be visibly noticeable, if the outlet’s wiring is loose or frayed, it can produce a sizzling sound when you use it. Common causes for loose or frayed wiring include improper installation, age and rodent damage.

2. The Wires are Short-Circuiting

If an outlet produces too much heat, it can cause the wire casing to melt, leaving wires exposed and dangerous. This issue needs to be addressed to prevent an electrical fire.

3. It’s Old

Time is not kind to electrical systems. If your home is older, its wiring probably has not been updated. Older wiring can wear out, leading to the issues mentioned above. Depending on the age of your electrical wiring, you may be due for a rewiring.

4. Improper Repairs Were Made

Unfortunately, unless you are the only one who has ever owned your home, it is hard to know the level of experience with which electrical repairs were made. If repairs were improperly made, this can lead to dangerous outlet sparking and a host of other electrical concerns.

5. The Outlet Is Overloaded

You may have too many things plugged into the same outlet. It is never advisable to use multiple outlet extensions, as doing so can overload the electrical outlet and cause issues, and sparking is one of them.

6. The Plastic Is Damaged

An often overlooked source of sparking, damaged outlet plastic can expose the inner workings and contact points of the outlet and lead to sparking. If your outlet looks a little worse for wear, it may be time to get it replaced to prevent fire damage.

7. Water Has Reached the Outlet

Often, outlets are placed too close to sinks. If the outlet comes into contact with water, sparks may result. Additionally, if you’ve recently had a plumbing leak, water may be interfering with the wiring in the vicinity. A professional needs to take a look if you believe water damage may be to blame for your outlet sparking.

8. It May Just Be Normal

Because electricity flows quickly, it can sometimes jump around too fast when you plug something in. If your outlet produces a blue spark when you use it, but it does not regularly spark, it is most likely just a normal occurrence. If you are unsure, reach out to schedule an appointment to have one of our electricians take a look.

If you have one or multiple sparking outlets that are causing concern, give us a call right away. Our technicians can accurately diagnose the problem and get you quickly on your way to a safe and functional home. No matter what the source of your sparking outlet may be, you can trust CJ Brubacher Ltd. to put your mind at ease.

You can reach our service team by phone or fill out our online contact form. No matter which method of contact you prefer, you will receive friendly, knowledgeable assistance from our professional team. Your safety and comfort are our priority and we look forward to serving you with our top-notch residential electrical services!