A furnace is responsible for keeping a building warm during the cold winter months, so keeping it in good condition should be one of your top priorities whether it’s for your home or office. Regular maintenance is important for keeping your furnace working properly. CJ Brubacher offers heating maintenance services to extend the lifetime of furnaces and keep buildings at a comfortable temperature during cold weather.

Benefits of Heater Maintenance

When left unresolved, small furnace problems quickly spiral out of control. You will likely need extensive and expensive repairs if your furnace malfunctions. Routine maintenance prevents many of these problems by allowing HVAC technicians to identify and resolve minor issues before they become major. Preventative care:

  • Extends the lifetime of furnaces
  • Minimizes the cost of repairs
  • Keeps furnaces running smoothly

Problems Furnace Maintenance Prevents

Many common furnace problems are easy to fix and can be prevented entirely with routine maintenance. Avoiding common problems with furnaces is easy when you take care of your unit by keeping it maintained. The five most common issues with heaters are:

  • Broken fan belts
  • Dirty filters
  • Faulty wiring
  • Open access panel
  • Strange noises

If your furnace malfunctions because of any of these issues, a maintenance appointment with likely resolve the problem. Thorough cleaning prevents dirty filters and keeps other components free of pollutants, while a careful inspection reveals malfunctioning parts that need to be replaced quickly to keep the system operating smoothly. Routine maintenance lowers the cost of repairs and reduces the risk of your furnace needing emergency service when cold weather hits.

Steps for Heater Maintenance

You should have your furnace inspected by a professional each fall to ensure it is working properly. Scheduling a maintenance appointment before the weather turns cold gives you the chance to make any necessary repairs before a lack of heat turns into an emergency situation.

When cold weather hits, many HVAC companies receive calls about malfunctioning heaters, and residents must wait until an appointment becomes available to have their heat restored. By investing in routine maintenance once every year, you minimize the risk of this issue happening to you.

A maintenance visit is different from a repair visit. Maintenance is preventative care designed to keep major problems from happening. When you schedule heating maintenance services near me with CJ Brubacher, you can expect us to:

  • Clean every component thoroughly to eliminate dirt, dust, and grime that could affect the furnace’s performance
  • Tighten all electrical connections and replace damaged wiring
  • Test the amp draw of the blower motor
  • Look for any sign of corrosion or blockages in your vent system
  • Lubricate all moving parts to keep the furnace running smoothly

If we notice any problems with your furnace during a maintenance visit, we can take quick action to resolve the issue before it affects your heat source. While lubricating and cleaning the system enhances its function, checking for corrosion and assessing each component helps us know if aging parts are still in good condition.

Finding a crack in your blower belt, for example, shows us that the part needs to be replaced even though it has not caused problems yet. Replacing the belt before it affects other parts of your system is a good way to avoid more extensive repairs in the future.

Invest In Heating Maintenance To Keep Your Furnace in Good Condition

If you want your furnace to stay in good shape for many years, heating maintenance is essential. The expert technicians at CJ Brubacher are ready to provide the heating maintenance services you need to extend the longevity of your furnace, so contact us today by phone to schedule an appointment.