Common Signs for Furnace Repairs and What to Do

Waterloo Heating Services: Common Signs for Furnace Repairs and What to Do

When winter’s chilly winds blow in Waterloo, your trusty furnace becomes your best friend, providing warmth and comfort throughout the season. 

But what happens when your dependable appliance acts up? 

It’s time to listen to what your furnace is trying to tell you. Ignoring the signs could leave you shivering when you least expect it. 

In this guide to furnace repair in Waterloo, we’ll walk you through common warning signals that your furnace needs attention and share tips on what steps to take. Remember, if it’s been a while since your furnace had a check-up, scheduling professional service from CJ Brubacher could save you from a frosty predicament.

Signs It’s Time To Consider Professional Furnace Repair

Unusual Noises

Has your furnace developed a noisy personality overnight? Rattling, screeching, and banging sounds are like distress signals. Rattling could indicate loose parts, screeching may point to a worn-out belt, and banging sounds could signify ignition problems. You don’t need to become a furnace whisperer, but paying attention can save you from a potential breakdown. 

While your furnace may not have a way with words, these noises are its way of getting your attention. If the appliance sounds more like a metal concert, contact local experts for a residential furnace repair before the noise worsens.

Strange Smells

Is your furnace channeling its inner chef, filling your home with unusual odours? While it may not be baking cookies, these smells can still tell you a lot. 

If you catch a whiff of burning dust, it’s usually a sign the furnace is shaking off winter slumber. However, if there’s a persistent odour reminiscent of burnt wires, take action. 

Electrical wiring issues can lead to more significant problems, so don’t brush off these smells as mere kitchen experiments. Get a professional’s help with commercial furnace repair or residential furnace repair to nip the issue in the bud.

Frequent Cycling

Is your furnace behaving like an indecisive partygoer who can’t decide whether to stay in or go out? If it’s cycling on and off more frequently than usual, it’s not just business as usual. 

This erratic behaviour could be because of various issues, from a malfunctioning thermostat to a clogged filter. A certified technician can diagnose the problem and devise a viable solution.

Escalating Energy Bills 

Are your energy bills skyrocketing faster than a space shuttle? Your furnace might be working overtime, but not necessarily efficiently. 

As furnaces age or encounter problems, they can become less energy-efficient, costing you more money to achieve the same level of warmth. If you’re tired of forking out extra cash every time you pay your utility bill, investing in furnace repair services can save your wallet and contribute to a greener planet by conserving energy.

Yellow Pilot Light

Is your furnace showing a yellow flame instead of a steady blue pilot light? It’s not trying to set the mood; it’s indicating a problem. 

A yellow flame could be a sign of incomplete combustion, which might be because of a gas supply issue or a problem with the burner. This isn’t something to procrastinate on – a faulty burner can lead to a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide. Contact a professional for immediate assistance, whether you’re dealing with a residential or commercial furnace issue.

Don’t Delay; Schedule Professional Furnace Repair in Waterloo From CJ Brubacher

Your furnace may not have a voice, but it has ways of communicating when it needs help. 

From strange noises to odd smells and unusual behaviours, don’t ignore these signs. Remember, a well-maintained furnace doesn’t just keep you warm; it keeps your energy bills in check and ensures your safety. 

If your furnace shows any of these signs, whether you’re in a cozy home or a bustling commercial space, contact CJ Brubacher for top-notch furnace repair services. A well-timed repair could mean the difference between a comfortable winter and a frosty fiasco.

What to Consider When Having a Commercial HVAC System Installed

Waterloo Furnace Repair: What to Consider When Having a Commercial HVAC System Installed

Choosing a Commercial HVAC System: 4 Factors To Consider

As a Waterloo business owner, the comfort of your employees and customers is probably a priority for you, and having a complete heating, ventilation and cooling system can help you accomplish this. If your building requires an HVAC overhaul or you need an older system replaced, at CJ Brubacher Ltd., we are standing by to help you make a few decisions regarding your choices for HVAC replacement and furnace repair in Waterloo.

1. Building Size Matters 

One of the most important factors in choosing a commercial HVAC system is the size of your building. The overall square footage and the number of floors can affect the quality of the heated or cooled air each section receives and how much ductwork each floor might require. If you choose a system that is too small for your building’s needs, you may pay higher energy costs and reduce the life of the system as it struggles to heat and cool an area too large for its output capacity. 

Our technicians can advise you about your building’s needs and what type of system you need to keep your employees and customers comfortable and heat and cool spaces without wasting energy. This can help you save money over time, as controlling the efficiency of your HVAC system can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on important components and give you greater control over how you heat and cool your building. 

2. The Condition of Your Current System

If you call us for commercial furnace repair and our technicians discover that your current system is no longer working as it should due to age or damage, they can list any current issues they find and help you decide whether repairs or a complete replacement of the system is necessary. Several factors may influence your choice, such as whether your building’s existing system is still safe to operate. 

When an HVAC system ages, it’s motor and other moving parts may not work as effectively, causing inadequate heating or cooling in certain far-reaching areas of your building. Most commercial HVAC systems last about 20 years, so if your building’s system has not been replaced in the last few decades, it may be time to consider a replacement rather than a repair. 

3. Cost 

If you do decide to replace your existing heating and cooling system, then cost will likely play a role in what type you choose. For example, a single-split system is generally more cost-effective than a multi-split system, which has more operating options and gives your the ability to heat and cool specific spaces, such as offices and breakrooms. Multi-split systems can heat and cool large commercial buildings with lower energy costs, which could help you offset the price of installation. 

Our service technicians can help you decide which HVAC system suits your current budget. They can inspect your building and inform you about which floors need consistent heating or cooling or whether a split-level system is a better choice for buildings with areas you do not always use consistently, such as storage spaces. 

4. Building Location and Geography 

Your building’s location can have a definite impact on how its HVAC system works and the type you may need for it to function correctly. Moisture, for instance, can have a significant effect on your current HVAC system’s ducts and cause the formation of mold inside the tubes, which can increase the risk of mold spores affecting other areas of the building. 

Your commercial building’s HVAC requirements can affect the comfort and well-being of anyone who works or visits it. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and make your commercial building comfortable for everyone who works or visits. 


Waterloo Heating Services: Is A Burning Smell In Your Furnace Normal?

Waterloo Heating Services: Is A Burning Smell In Your Furnace Normal?

The heating system in your home or a commercial facility is necessary for the colder winter months. While heat is essential for keeping people warm, it is also vital for the maintenance of your property. Without heat, pipes can freeze, windows can break, and so much more. If you do not have heat, contact an expert in furnace repair in Waterloo

However, not every apparent issue requires a technician. For example, many homeowners freak out when they smell something burning after turning on their HVAC system for the first time. Is the smell normal? Is it something to worry about? 

Is It Normal To Smell Burning?

A slight burning or hot smell does not always warrant a call to a residential furnace repair company. When a system is shut down for a while, like most systems are during the spring and summer months, a minor odour is expected as the system kicks back on.  

A stagnant system collects dust throughout. When the furnace kicks back on, it is burning the existing dust within the motor, heating elements, and other components. The burning that takes place after a while of inactivity is considered normal and nonthreatening. Still, that does not mean that all burning smells are natural. 

What Smells Are Not Normal?

Whether dealing with residential or commercial furnace repair, some odours are unnatural and require the attention of a seasoned expert. Some smells can indicate problems with specific components, and others can represent issues with entire systems. Homeowners must know the differences between these odours to explain the scent to a technician and determine the feasibility of a repair. Depending on the severity of the damage, a new system might be advisable. 

1. Rotten Eggs

Most HVAC systems use natural gas to operate. Natural gas is odourless, which is dangerous, so gas companies add mercaptan to it, producing a rotten egg smell. Without the rotten egg odour, people may not realize they have a gas leak, which can result in death or severe injury. 

If you smell rotten eggs when you turn on your furnace or HVAC unit, you should shut it off immediately and call the gas company or a licensed HVAC professional. A crew should arrive on the scene quickly to inspect and repair any issues.  

2. Mustiness

Sometimes, homeowners will turn on their furnace and notice a strong musty or mouldy smell coming from the vents. The odour usually indicates mould growth in the ductwork or evaporator coil. The vents and system will need to be cleaned to eliminate the odour. 

Unfortunately, depending on how bad the mould growth is, it often represents more significant problems. You might want to hire a mould remediation company to assess the rest of the property for mould. Sometimes, mould remediation is the only way to rid an entire property of mould risks. 

3. Electrical, Metallic, or Plastic

Electrical and metallic burning smells can indicate an overheated blower or another component. The best thing you can do is shut down the system and ask an HVAC technician for assistance. If you continue to run the system with malfunctioning parts, you risk damaging the heat exchanger or other critical components.  

The smell of burning plastic is not typical, and it can be hazardous. Plastic and similar materials can release fumes into the air that are toxic. If you smell plastic, shut off the HVAC system, open windows, and contact an HVAC specialist. 

Have you noticed strange odours coming from the vents in your home or facility? If so, contact CJ Brubacher Ltd. and schedule an assessment. The HVAC, Plumbing, and electrical specialists will send out a qualified team member as soon as possible.