Benefits of Replacing the Bathtub in Your Elmira Home

Benefits of Replacing the Bathtub in Your Elmira Home

High-quality Bathtubs when installed properly and regularly maintained still have a limited lifespan just like other household items. The bathtub seems to be one item homeowners overlook due to the challenging process of removing and replacing it. 

Of course, damage can occur before the end of a tub’s lifespan. If you notice cracks or leaks, it’s time to upgrade. It may also be that your tub hasn’t changed, but your needs have. There’s also nothing wrong with just wanting something different.  If you are in need of replacing your bathtub CJ Brubacher offers expert plumbing services in Elmira to ensure the job is done right the first time around.

There are three options to consider when it comes to bathtub renovations: replacing, refinishing or reglazing. While many people choose to refinish or reglaze to save money, replacing may offer more benefits in the long run. If you’re on the fence, here are the top reasons homeowners choose to replace their bathtubs.


Your bathtub is the centrepiece of your bathroom, meaning it has a significant effect on the decor. You can create an elegant, whimsical or modern aesthetic just by your choice of the tub.

If you want the freedom to place your bathtub anywhere, you should choose a freestanding model. Since these aren’t built into the wall, you can install them at the room’s center or even at an angle. Clawfoot bathtubs are a popular choice for their unique look and diverse designs.

Your choice of material can also make an impact on the overall aesthetic. While porcelain is traditional, you have a wide range of options:

  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Stone

Steel is an excellent complement to modern or contemporary styles, while brass offers more warmth. Stone bathtubs are luxurious and may add value to your property. Just keep in mind that they’re extremely heavy, so you should only use them on the ground floor to prevent damage to ceilings.


While appearances are important when choosing a bathtub, aesthetics shouldn’t trump comfort. After all, you use your tub daily. The good news is that modern innovations offer greater comfort than ever. Many people love relaxing in a bubble bath, but did you know you can get more out of your tub? If you really want to indulge, you can get a whirlpool bathtub.

These models feature jets that circulate water or air. These offer massages that soothe sore muscles and help you relax. The downside is that whirlpool bathtubs are often in the higher price range and may be expensive to fix.

If you still want a profoundly relaxing bathing experience without the hefty cost, you can get a soaking tub. These are deeper than traditional models, allowing you to submerge your entire body comfortably.


Whether you have mobility issues or just prefer not to clamber over a bathtub lip, walk-in tubs offer immense convenience. Unlike traditional models, these have a door, allowing you to simply step inside. Since the door has a watertight seal, you don’t have to worry about leaks.

If you’re looking for highly hygienic material that’s easy to clean, go for acrylic. It’s more mildew-resistant than other options and can withstand harsher chemicals. In contrast, stone tubs need non- or low-abrasive cleaning materials to avoid scratching the seal.

Enamel is also fairly easy to keep clean. You can even find metal tubs with enamel coating, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

Whenever you replace a bathtub, you should contract residential plumbing services to ensure the job’s done right. At CJ Brubacher Ltd., we’re happy to replace a tub or complete any plumbing-related renovations or repairs. Our team is highly experienced and dedicated to delivering top-quality service. We’re the place to call if you want the peace of mind that comes with expert care. To get an estimate for your next project, call us or reach out online

Elmira Plumbing Services: 3 Signs You Need a New Mixer Valve

Elmira Plumbing Services: 3 Signs You Need a New Mixer Valve

Taking a hot shower at the end of a long day is a luxury many take for granted. That spa-like moment doesn’t happen all on its own. The plumbing in your home is a complex network of pipes, valves and gaskets. When everything works in harmony, you’ll be in steamy bliss. But one glitch in the system could put a stop to your daily relaxation session. When faulty pipes ruin your self-care routine, contact plumbing services in Elmira.

One vital device, the mixer valve, lies behind the wall in your bathroom and regulates the temperature mix of hot and cold. This essential piece of equipment keeps your water comfortable and safe. A simple shower could scald you and your family when a mixer mechanism malfunctions. If you notice any of the following problems, you may need a new regulator.

1. You Notice a Change in Water Pressure

Congested or loose valves will allow less water to move through. This reduction in water will lead to low pressure. You may notice a slightly weaker flow or pressure that varies from firm to soft. The stream may slow to a trickle in more severe cases. Clogs are not always related to backed-up toilets. Several things could obstruct your device, such as:

  • Limescale from hard water may accumulate over time and form a hard blockage. 
  • Corrosion from the valve or old metal lines can leave behind rust.
  • Debris, like hair, may travel from elsewhere in your plumbing system and form a clog.
  • Plastic fragments from the valve or pipes could have broken off and become lodged in the opening.

In some cases, soaking the part with distilled white vinegar may solve the issue. Before dismantling your shower, allow our plumbers at CJ Brubacher Ltd. to assess the situation. Cleaning or replacement from residential plumbing services could be necessary. 

2. You Have a Leaky Shower Head 

Dripping from your shower is a clear sign of a faulty mixer valve. When you turn off the water at the handle, the mechanism closes and stops the flow. If the piece is loose, it cannot close all the way, and liquid will escape. Anything that gets through will leak from the shower fixture.

Slight dripping may not seem like a big deal until you receive your next water bill. A slow, steady leak can cause a significant increase in usage. It only takes a few days of dripping for a statement to get out of hand. Many water and sewage companies will excuse one large bill for longtime customers. Yet, most will recommend saving that one pass for a more costly sewage line emergency. If left untreated, one small drip could leave you with a major unexpected expense.

3. You Have Trouble Turning the Handle

You interact with the mixer valve every day when you turn the shower’s handle. When you crank up the heat, the valve will slowly reduce the amount of cold water input. This action allows the hot water to overtake the cold gradually, preventing accidental burns. If you cannot turn the handle, it indicates a problem. Corroded metal can cause threadbare connections. When not correctly installed, valves may be loose and not connect with the handle. If your handle turns too quickly or appears stuck, you may need to repair your shower.

Mixer valves may be small, but they play a big role in your bathtime comfort. If you notice low pressure, leaks or handle trouble, a faulty mixer valve could be the root of the issue. At CJ Brubacher Ltd., we specialize in residential and commercial plumbing services. Our technicians are available 24/7, so contact us today to get to the root of your pipe problems.

Commercial Plumbing In Elmira

The Benefits Of Choosing CJ Brubacher For Commercial Plumbing In Elmira

Keep your business growing and operating safely with commercial plumbing services by CJ Brubacher. Whether you’re dealing with a clogged toilet or a routine maintenance service throughout your entire facility, you deserve quality services that fit your busy schedule. See how your local experts in Elmira can help you maintain your commercial building or perform emergency repairs. 

Professional Tools in Professional Hands

A professional plumber with the right tools can solve a maintenance issue in less time and with less stress. Don’t invest your own time attempting to maintain your commercial building or spend money on inexperienced plumbing services.

Locally experienced plumbers use specialized tools to easily connect lines, disconnect lines and prepare new construction projects. From basin wrenches to copper pipe cutters, these tools ensure every part of the project is done efficiently.

Of course, it takes more than the right tools to make sure the job is done correctly. A licensed plumber has up-to-date knowledge of local plumbing codes. This is crucial for new construction projects, but can also be helpful during planned services or emergency repairs. Instead of a quick, temporary fix, be sure you receive plumbing services that last.

Commercial plumbing projects are different from residential ones. While CJ Brubacher offers both commercial and residential services, don’t assume every professional plumber in your area has the resources to handle a commercial project. This is particularly important if you operate a large apartment complex, office building or industrial facility.

Maintenance and Repairs With Less Downtime

A clogged toilet or leaking water line can quickly cause your entire operation to grind to a halt. From a local restaurant to a large industrial facility, plumbing systems are integral to daily operations for many businesses.

Choose professional plumbing services in Elmira to avoid costly downtime. Even a few extra hours of no running water can be a serious issue for many businesses. Choose a plumber with 24/7 support and the confidence you need for maintenance or repair tasks with less downtime.

Less downtime doesn’t just mean performing a quick, temporary repair. Downtime occurs while you wait for the repair and during any future repair issues. This means you need to work with a team that’s not only fast but can also promise that the same issue won’t appear again in hours, weeks or months. A long-term solution keeps your fixtures operating efficiently as your business grows.

Licensed and Insured Team

As a business owner, you could have a major headache in the making if you work with a plumber who isn’t licensed or insured. A licensed plumber is required for most plumbing work, so working with an unlicensed individual can stall the permit process or require a professional to handle the entire project from the beginning.

The plumbing team you work with should also be insured. Without insurance, you could be liable for any injuries that happen because of the plumbing work or while the plumbers are working in your facility. The proper insurance coverage handles these issues, which may help you avoid paying for accidents or getting your own commercial insurance involved.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask your chosen plumbing company if they have the right insurance and licensing to take on your commercial project. These two features are crucial to avoiding risk as you allow a professional to come and repair or maintain your commercial facility.

Schedule Plumbing Services in Elmira With CJ Brubacher

From a major commercial project to minor residential plumbing services, trust CJ Brubacher with your next project. Schedule a service today to see why we’re a leading plumbing team in the Elmira area for both commercial and residential solutions. A single call can help you recover from an emergency or schedule a long-term maintenance plan.