Flush Away Plumbing Problems: Reliable Toilet Repair Services in Waterloo

Flush Away Plumbing Problems: Reliable Toilet Repair Services in Waterloo

A faulty toilet is one of the most frustrating plumbing issues that homeowners and business owners face. It can lead to lots of embarrassment, inconvenience, and expenses. Nothing is worse than flushing your toilet, only to see that it’s not going down. You might try to plunge it and still have no success. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer in silence or look for temporary solutions. If you’re in Waterloo and need reliable plumbing repair services, our expert plumbers at CJ Brubacher have got you covered. This blog post will explore the importance of timely toilet repairs and what to expect from our top-notch services.

Understanding the Signs of Toilet Issues

Toilets might seem like simple appliances that don’t need much attention, but they can pose significant problems if not maintained correctly. Some of the signs that your toilet requires repair include low water pressure, leakage, clogging, and weak flushing. 

Here’s a listicle of common toilet issues:

  1. Clogged toilet: One of the most common issues is a clogged toilet. This can happen due to excessive toilet paper, foreign objects, or a plumbing problem.
  2. Running toilet: A running toilet can waste a significant amount of water. It usually occurs when the flapper valve is not functioning properly or the water level is too high.
  3. Leaking toilet: A leaking toilet can cause water damage and increase your water bill. Common causes include a faulty flapper valve, cracked tank, or damaged seals.
  4. Weak flushing: If your toilet has a weak flush, it may not effectively remove waste. This could be due to low water levels, clogged jets, or an issue with the flapper.
  5. Phantom flush: A phantom flush occurs when your toilet randomly flushes without anyone using it. This can be caused by a faulty flapper or a problem with the fill valve.
  6. Slow refilling: If your toilet takes longer than usual to refill the tank after flushing, it may indicate a problem with the fill valve or water supply.
  7. Constantly running water: If you hear the sound of running water even when the toilet is not in use, it suggests a faulty flapper valve or a defective fill valve.
  8. Overflowing toilet: An overflowing toilet can lead to a messy situation. It can be caused by a blockage in the drainpipe or a malfunctioning float valve.

Remember, if you encounter any of these toilet issues, it’s best to seek professional assistance to diagnose and fix the problem accurately.

The Importance of Timely Toilet Repairs

Delaying toilet repairs can lead to further complications and additional expenses. For instance, a small crack in your toilet bowl can worsen and cause leaks, leading to water damage on your floors or walls. Also, your clogged toilet can affect your entire plumbing system, leading to backed-up drains and unpleasant odours. 

When you choose one of our reliable CJ Brubacher plumbers, you not only save yourself from these frustrating headaches, but you also shield yourself from potential health hazards. 

Our expert plumbers are skilled professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. They possess the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right the first time, ensuring that your plumbing issues are resolved efficiently and effectively. With their help, you can have peace of mind knowing that your plumbing needs are in capable hands.

CJ Brubachers Comprehensive Toilet Repair Services

At CJ Brubachers, we specialise in delivering exceptional plumbing repair services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of skilled technicians is extensively trained and equipped to swiftly and affordably resolve any toilet-related issues you may encounter.

From replacing broken seals, sealing joints, and fixing leaks to installing new toilets or repairing older models with missing or damaged components, we cover a wide range of services. Our expertise also extends to flushing repairs, clearing clogged drains, checking for pipe leaks, and replacing faulty valves.

Moreover, we offer preventative maintenance services to ensure the long-term functionality of your toilets. Our diligent plumbers regularly inspect your toilets for any signs of damage or malfunctioning parts, helping you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Rest assured, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality materials to guarantee optimal toilet operation and longevity. In addition to our comprehensive repair services, we provide tailored toilet installations, replacements, and upgrades to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, we prioritize your safety and convenience, ensuring our work does not disrupt your daily routines and poses no health hazards.

At CJ Brubachers, our unwavering commitment is to provide you with the finest repair services in town!

Our Customer-Focused Approach

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Our team is friendly, respectful, and professional throughout the repair process. We arrive promptly, listen to your concerns, and respond with tailored solutions. We value your trust and always strive to exceed your expectations.

Don’t let your faulty toilet cause more trouble than necessary. Contact our CJ Brubacher team today for reliable toilet repair services in Waterloo. We’re committed to getting your bathroom back to excellent working condition and ensuring your peace of mind. We look forward to hearing from you and providing a positive experience for all your plumbing needs! 

4 Common Plumbing Issues That Occur in Bathrooms

Waterloo Residential Services: 4 Common Plumbing Issues That Occur in Bathrooms

Your plumbing system is vital for keeping your home running smoothly. Unfortunately, plumbing systems malfunction sometimes, and you need to take quick action to resolve the issues. You may be able to handle simple problems yourself if they only require a plunger, but you need professional help for more extensive issues. Here are four common plumbing problems you may encounter in your bathroom.

1. Low Water Pressure

When you turn a faucet on, you expect to see a large gush of water. If the liquid only trickles out of the faucet, you are dealing with low water pressure. Occasionally, this issue is caused by a decrease in the water supply. However, the more likely explanation is that your faucet has a buildup of sediment and debris inside. It’s not an issue you can resolve yourself unless you have the proper tools, so you should call a professional plumber immediately to clean out your faucets and restore water pressure. Maintaining decent water pressure is important for hygiene reasons, so low water pressure is a problem you need to resolve immediately.

2. Clogged Drains

When your bathtub or sink starts to drain slowly, you probably have a clogged drain. Minor clogs can usually be resolved easily with a plunger, but if the clog sits too deep in the drain or is too large for a plunger, you need to call a plumber. Plumbers have special tools called snakes that are designed to fit into drains and eliminate clogs so that your plumbing system goes back to draining efficiently.

3. Dripping Faucets

Your bathroom faucets are not supposed to drip after you turn them off. When dripping occurs, it makes an annoying sound and increases your water bill. Although the problem usually has a simple fix, it is best to leave the project to a professional plumber. Most faucets just need a new washer, but some models do not fit a traditional metal washer and need a ceramic one that makes a tight seal.

4. Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are not always obvious problems because pipes are usually hidden under your sink, but when they start to leak, they can drastically raise your water bill. Replacing a leaky pipe is not difficult, but if you don’t know what you are doing, you will end up making a huge mess that takes a while to clean up. Professional plumbers know how to turn the water off and minimize the mess they make while replacing a pipe so that your life can return to normal as quickly as possible. You can use leak tape and clamps as a temporary solution to help with a leaky pipe until plumbers can arrive at your house.

What To Do To Resolve Plumbing Issues

Regular maintenance services go a long way in keeping your plumbing system working efficiently, but when problems arise, it’s important to take immediate action. If you’re handy with tools, you may be able to resolve minor issues yourself. For example, small clogs in your toilet can often be resolved with plungers. However, you often need extensive knowledge of a plumber to resolve major issues with your plumbing system.

When the problems with your plumbing system are beyond your scope of expertise, call CJ Brubacher. Our team of expert plumbers has the knowledge and experience necessary to resolve a wide variety of plumbing issues and get your bathrooms back to working properly. We respond quickly to plumbing emergencies and promise to complete each job officially.

Make an Appointment Today

When you need plumbing services in Waterloo, CJ Brubacher Ltd. has a team of experts ready to help. We offer residential plumbing services to help you keep your bathrooms working properly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

4 Reasons You Should Have Regular Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

4 Reasons You Should Have Regular Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

A small plumbing problem can quickly turn into an emergency if you do not remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Whether your toilet is not flushing, or you have a faucet leak, many business owners wait until it is too late and then scramble to book a costly emergency appointment. Fortunately, following a plumbing services maintenance program can save you a lot of money in costly repairs. Here are four reasons it is important to regularly maintain your commercial plumbing system.

Reason #1- Detect Clogged Drains and Leaks

While leaky faucets and clogged drains may not seem like a big deal to many business owners, these issues can quickly turn into major plumbing emergencies if not addressed. These problems can sometimes cause flooding, back-ups, or pipe bursts, which are expensive, time-consuming problems to resolve.

Performing routine plumbing services in Waterloo, such as inspections, will help you identify issues before they become serious. During a routine inspection, your plumber will check for leaks, clogged drains, and standing water. When plumbing issues are caught early, they can usually be fixed quickly and inexpensively.

Reason #2- Plan for Plumbing Emergencies

The majority of plumbing emergencies can be prevented with routine maintenance. However, many Waterloo homeowners and business owners do not bother to schedule regular inspections. Other problems take priority, and a plumber is not called until there is a flooded basement or a backed-up toilet.

Luckily, many issues can be detected early on if proper maintenance is performed. Plumbers have the experience to identify problems that most homeowners cannot find on their own. Do not try to save money by performing plumbing maintenance yourself. Professional plumbers have the expertise needed to help prevent running toilets, sump pump failures, and clogged drains.

Reason #3- Protect Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures

Rusty pipes and old plumbing fixtures can quickly lead to many problems. While most business owners think they will spot a corroded pipe before it becomes an issue, the most critical pipes are not visible to you on an everyday basis. To do a proper inspection, a plumber will likely need to access the pipes inside the walls.

With regular maintenance, you can protect pipes and repair old fixtures before they cause a problem. Schedule a yearly inspection with a Waterloo plumber and request a routine maintenance check. Forming a relationship with a licensed plumber is a good idea if you plan to stay in the Waterloo area for a while.

Reason #4- Long-Term Protection Plans

Many Waterloo residents avoid purchasing long-term plumbing protection plans because of cost. However, it is a common misconception that protection plans cost a lot of money. Many companies offer discounted, budget-friendly protection plans for Waterloo residents. These plans typically come with a free yearly inspection and discounted preventative maintenance.

Enrolling in a plumbing protection plan is typically more cost-effective than paying for a massive repair or plumbing system overhaul. Performing small, consistent tasks is the key to keeping your plumbing system in proper working order.

Ask your plumber about extended warranties. If you recently purchased your home or installed a new septic system, you may be able to add an extended warranty to cover expensive repairs. While many people avoid purchasing warranties due to cost, it makes sense if you do not want to pay for a major plumbing repair in the future.

Work With a Plumbing Expert

Are you looking for affordable commercial plumbing services? CJ Brubacher Ltd. specializes in residential and commercial plumbing services. Do not wait until your sump pump fails or your toilet will not flush. Contact us today to schedule a routine maintenance check.

3 Reasons the Kitchen Sink Is Clogged

Waterloo Plumbing Services: 3 Reasons the Kitchen Sink Is Clogged

Kitchen sink clogs always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times, like when you’ve got a counter full of dirty plates or your dishwasher is on the fritz. That’s why it pays to have one of the most trusted plumbing services in Waterloo, CJ Brubacher Ltd., in your contact list.

Even with a great plumber at the ready, it’s smart to stay one step ahead of these inconvenient blockages. Read on to learn about three of the most common types of clogs and how to prevent them.

Soap Scum Buildup

It’s counterintuitive to think that cleaning products cause pipe problems, but most commercial cleansers are made with fats and that’s the issue. When soapy fats mix with minerals commonly found in municipal water, they bind together and create a filmy substance that clings to pipes instead of rinsing away.

If your water is hard, it contains more of these buildup-causing minerals. Installing a water softener often alleviates the problem, but if you routinely use fatty dish soaps the issue may persist. Routinely pouring boiling water or water mixed with baking soda or ammonia down your drains helps remove scum before it develops into a full-blown clog.

Food Scrap Blockages

When you have a garbage disposal, you’re accustomed to scraping food residue from plates and pans into your sink. Unfortunately, if you don’t flush your drains properly, that food may never make it into the disposal and instead become stuck inside the curved P-trap piping beneath your sink. Although water might not back up into your basin immediately, if unpleasant odours are coming from your drain, you’ve got a blockage in the making.

To avoid such clogs, dispose of solid foods in your trash or put them on the compost pile. Avoid flushing fibrous produce like celery or pumpkin, which are notorious for wrapping around garbage disposal blades. Fine waste like coffee grounds and onion skins are also bad for your disposal, as it’s easy for the blades to miss them. Remember that anything that doesn’t pass through your disposal builds up and traps other foods, resulting in clogs. That’s why proper food disposal is key to reducing blockages.

Grease, Oil, and Fat Obstructions

As with soap scum, anything greasy or fatty going down your drains is problematic. Liquid fats congregate in the nooks and crannies of pipes, where they bind with the above-mentioned minerals or congeal and harden on their own. Masses of fat glom onto any number of other items that pass through your drains, and before you know it you’ve got a clog on your hands.

Never put cooking oils down the drain. Instead, pour cooled grease into empty cans or containers, set them into the fridge to solidify, and then toss them in the trash. Another option is to mix oils with flour, sand, or cat litter before throwing them away. Even mopping grease with paper towels is better than letting it go down your drain and clog your pipes.

CJ Brubacher Is Here To Help

Knowing what causes clogs and how to prevent them will help you keep your pipes in great shape, but the best care in the world won’t stave off every blockage. When your sink is backed up, it’s time to bring in an expert in residential plumbing services like CJ Brubacher Ltd.

Call the experts at CJ Brubacher when your drains are plugged, or anytime you need the very best in plumbing, heating, and air conditioning care in the Waterloo area. With an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and around-the-clock service, we’re the right choice when it comes to unclogging your pipes!

Why Are Commercial Plumbing Services Important

Why Are Commercial Plumbing Services Important?

The Importance of Plumbing Services and Inspections

Residential and commercial plumbing services are essential to the function of a property. According to plumbing services in Waterloo, biannual inspections are often required to ensure your system stays in working order. Unfortunately, many people avoid routine maintenance. The forgetfulness is not often purposeful; instead, life gets in the way. However, if it has been some time since you last had your plumbing inspected, you might want to schedule an assessment with a professional plumbing service. The service is beneficial to the maintenance of your system, but it can also help in several specific situations.

1. Can Help With the Installation of Bathroom Fixtures

Many people choose to use a DIY approach to installations. While you can opt for such methods, you might want to take caution when working with plumbing. Your properties pipes and fixtures can be fragile. Additionally, the connections can be tricky with plumbing. 

Hiring a professional is the easiest way to ensure your fixtures and pipes all work the way they should. Plus, a licensed plumber can inspect the connections, ensuring you will not have any problems with the fixtures moving forward. 

Some DIYers may choose DIY options to cut costs. However, many people end up spending the same or more on DIY projects because they do not possess the necessary skills. Even if a professional costs more, you have to remember you are paying for their expertise. 

2. Can Ensure Everything Is Working Properly

Do you experience occasional clogs, or have you noticed a change in water pressure? Calling a professional plumber to your property for an inspection can help you get to the bottom of any issues. 

Many customers call plumbers complaining of strange noises, such as clanking, gurgling, and hissing. While there can be simple causes for each noise, sometimes, the cause is significant. 

Regardless of any problems you might have experienced lately, a plumbing inspection is the best way to ensure your system is working correctly. Additionally, you might consider a drain cleaning.  

Annual or biannual inspections help you develop a relationship with a licensed plumbing service. The more familiar a plumber is with your system, the easier it is for them to diagnose a potential problem. Also, the more often a plumber cleans and inspects a system, the less likely you are to be surprised by costly damage. 

3. Can Deal With Water Issues

The primary reason to call a plumbing service is that it deals with water issues. From minor leaks to broken pipes, a plumbing service can help you resolve your property issues quickly and efficiently. 

A licensed plumber can also help identify potential problems before they turn into disasters. For example, during a plumbing inspection, the licensed professional may notice cool spots in your wall with a thermal device. The cool areas could represent a small leak that may go unnoticed for months without professional intervention. 

Plumbers are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Their job is to help ensure you have running water, working drains, and functioning systems. Licensed professionals can help homeowners and business owners find solutions to common issues and resolve even the most severe plumbing disasters. 

Commercial and residential plumbing services are a critical attribute of properties, especially when considering the usefulness of a building. While homeowners and property owners can perform routine maintenance, annual or biannual inspections should be performed by licensed professionals. If it has been a while since your last plumbing inspection or you want to install new fixtures, contact CJ Brubacher Ltd. to schedule an assessment and system checkup. The company will send out a licensed technician as soon as possible.

Why Hire CJ Brubacher For Kitchen Faucet Installation In Waterloo?

Why Hire CJ Brubacher For Kitchen Faucet Installation In Waterloo?

Avoid the stress and hazards of DIY plumbing tasks by working with a local leader in plumbing services in Waterloo. From an emergency repair to a planned upgrade, a licensed plumber can complete this project easily and without damaging other kitchen components. Explore the benefits of choosing CJ Brubacher to install your new kitchen faucet.

Avoid Damaging Other Fixtures

Improper faucet removal and installation can damage fixtures and materials in your kitchen. Taking this on as a DIY project or hiring an inexperienced plumber can result in issues with these components in your kitchen:

  • Sink
  • Faucet
  • Countertop
  • Cabinet

Your sink can become damaged if the new faucet is connected too firmly or the wrong tools are used to remove the old faucet. Rough handling of components around sinks, particularly ceramic sinks, can chip, crack or stain the sink.

Improper installation can also damage your new faucet. Whether scratching the surface or compromising the water lines, this can be a costly and frustrating process. Serious damage to your new faucet may require you to purchase another faucet before you can complete the installation process and use your kitchen sink again.

Countertops can be damaged as you attempt to remove a faucet. Once the new one is installed, both cabinets and countertops are at risk of water damage if the water lines weren’t properly connected.

Instead of a cost-effective fixture replacement, you may be looking at a costly kitchen cabinet and countertop replacement or repair project. It’s best to reach out to an experienced residential plumbing services provider to avoid these issues.

Choose a Talented and Experienced Plumbing Team

A professional plumber can make any project seem easier. Swapping out a faucet may not be the most complex plumbing service you could ask for, but it’s still a good idea to work with a talented and experienced professional.

Plumbers from CJ Brubacher have the tools you need for a quick faucet replacement and installation project. Unique tools, like basin wrenches, are particularly convenient when trying to remove a faucet without removing the entire sink. Installing a new faucet requires caulk to prevent leaks, which requires a caulk gun and other tools you may not have in your DIY toolkit.

Experienced plumbers know how to avoid common mistakes. From incorrectly installing water lines to avoiding water leaks around the base of the faucet, there are several key ways that a licensed plumber can ensure the new components are installed safely and with a professional finish.

Prevent Water Leaks and Other Mistakes

Accidents are a natural part of any project, but accidents during residential plumbing services can have serious consequences. You probably don’t want to deal with mould, mildew and water damage issues in your kitchen, so consider hiring a reliable plumber to avoid common mistakes.

Many mistakes lead to costly water damage, but other mistakes can delay the process. Delays in the installation process can lead to higher costs if you’re hiring an inexperienced plumber. If you’re attempting to install your own sink, these time-consuming mistakes can turn a small job into a weekend-long event.

A professional plumber can swap out a faucet in very little time. A plumber who avoids common mistakes and has years of experience understands shortcuts that can make the project even more efficient. This not only helps you upgrade your kitchen sink in less time but can also save you money on labour costs.

Contact CJ Brubacher for Plumbing Services in Waterloo

Contact us at CJ Brubacher to learn more about residential and commercial plumbing services in Waterloo. From a single kitchen faucet to major plumbing service, work with a local leader to see how you can enjoy a quick, safe and convenient plumbing solution.