Residential heating equipment should be considered an investment in your home and in your family’s comfort. Whether you need furnace repair, service, or a whole new system, you can trust our experts in residential heating systems. Our team will focus on providing education, financing options, and the best product options for you and your family. For expert, reliable heating service our team at CJ Brubacher are the best in the industry.

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Sometimes, a few quick repairs or some ongoing maintenance can keep your current system working for longer, but other times, a new system is necessary. Our technicians are here to offer advice and assistance for all furnace services or installation. We can offer expert advice on product options and help ensure your family is safe and warm through the winter months by installing a new furnace.


At CJ Brubacher, we know that furnace repair is about more than just precision. Repairs are something that are time-sensitive, and our team strives to offer reliable, efficient services. No matter what day or time you need us, CJ Brubacher is there to help with emergency furnace repair in Elmira, Waterloo, Kitchener and the surrounding areas. We are here for you to protect your comfort and safety when you need it most.

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Calling CJ Brubacher to help you with furnace maintenance can help to ensure your furnace is working at peak performance. We run through a list of different tests and checks during routine maintenance, ensuring that everything is running smoothly. Technicians take care of any issues found immediately, ensuring they don’t evolve into more serious problems down the road. Performing regular furnace maintenance can help your system run more efficiently and help to deter any major repairs.


At CJ Brubacher, our skilled technicians will make every effort to ensure your home’s overall energy efficiency. If your home has gaping holes in your ductwork or insufficient insulation, merely installing a new high-efficiency furnace may not produce the long-term operational savings you were expecting. It is important to have our professional furnace repair technician inspect the entire system to identify any lingering energy vampires in your heating system. If needed, our technicians can discuss the overall replacement cost for each type of gas or electric furnace and any modifications required.

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Tune Up

Making sure your furnace is routinely serviced by a professional technician is as important as taking your car to a mechanic for its required oil changes and maintenance. Routine maintenance can help to extend the life of your HVAC equipment and could even prevent minor issues from turning into expensive, major problems over time. If an extended service contract or agreement is not already in place, our technicians may offer to set up a maintenance agreement for your standardized scheduled system maintenance. This can help ensure the health and safety of your furnace and your family.


Many homeowners are opting for ductless systems which focus on one room, rather than spending a lot of energy to heat an entire home. Ductless heating systems offer the opportunity to have units in many different locations but only turn on the ones you want to use, saving valuable heating power. Ductless systems also allow for different temperatures in different areas of your home. When considering switching to a ductless system in Elmira and Waterloo Region our technicians at CJ Brubacher can help guide and offer advice on heating solutions.

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