You may not give much thought to your home’s plumbing system, at least until a pipe gives out, you have a clog you cannot clear or it is time to make improvements to existing faucets or showers. When this occurs, you may wonder, “Is there plumbing installation near me and how can they assist with my home’s issues?” At CJ Brubacher, our certified plumbers are standing by to fulfill all your plumbing needs, from repairs to improvements, no matter the size of the job.

Shower Installations

Your home’s showers are at the center of your family’s hygiene needs, so when the water pressure changes or you need new showers to meet the demand of a growing family, our plumbing installation shower professionals can help you decide what type of showers suit your bathroom, and assist you in making other important choices, such as:

  • Showerheads 
  • Faucet types 
  • Toilet styles

Keeping your shower maintained can affect how well it runs, so when you have a clog or a water pressure issue, our knowledgeable plumbers will review the issue and then guide you through how they plan to repair it. Our focus on maintenance, as well as repairs, can keep your showers running at peak performance. If you want to change the look or appearance of your bathroom, we also offer shower kits that beautify the space without the headache of a major renovation.

Toilet Installations

When an aging toilet no longer flushes properly or tends to clog often, you can count on us and our plumbing installation technicians to advise you about septic needs, repair or replacement of new pipes and what type of new toilet might best match your family’s needs. We can even install or replace new toilets in more than one bathroom, saving you time and worry.

Few events are as stressful as when a toilet constantly overflows and creates a terrible mess. Over time, this can cause mold growth and damage your bathroom floor, but our experienced plumbers can chase down the source of the clogs and why they occur. For example, pipes narrowed by mineral buildup can cause repeated clogging, but since our plumbers treat the cause as well as the existing clog, this reduces messy and unsanitary floods.

Water Quality Unit Installations

The quality of the water your family uses to cook, clean and shower are important because it can affect the way your food tastes and even how your skin and hair feel after you bathe. Hard water can leave a film on your skin and stain your sinks, as well as fade your clothing over time. Well water contains increased levels of iron, which may also leave stains on fabric and household water appliances.

If you face these plumbing issues, our plumbers are ready to install water softener and iron breaker units to improve water quality. Iron breakers dissolve the iron content in well water, which can reduce staining and pipe clogs due to mineral buildup. Our plumbing installation professionals can advise you on what type of unit can improve your water quality and assist you with making the most informed choice possible.

Pipes and Taps

Whether you need repairs to your home’s plumbing pipes and taps or want to update the look of your bathroom or kitchen sinks, our plumbers have you covered. They can inspect existing pipes, replace broken ones and guide you when you are ready to replace your home’s plumbing taps and faucets.

Let Us Assist You

No matter your plumbing needs, from repairs to water improvement and shower kit installation, we can handle any job, large or small. Schedule service with us today or call for emergency help at (519) 669-3362 24 hours a day, seven days a week.