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As industry leaders for electrical installation and repair in the Waterloo region, our team of certified electricians offers decades of experience. Since 1923, we have earned our excellent reputation. Our team is now known for their ability to solve any of your electrical repair or installation needs.

We will develop and organize your custom electrics projects and provide your service requests in a timely and strategically planned manner. Our technicians can provide a wide range of services and guarantee our top quality work. With our highly developed customer service, high-quality products and experienced workforce, we are confident that we can meet and exceed your expectations for electrical service.


Founded in 1923, CJ Brubacher has established itself as a preferred commercial electrical contractor in the Waterloo region. Our team of certified electricians provide superior electrical installation service and value to our customers by offering quality workmanship, and a never-ending commitment to job site safety. Commercial electrical installation is a job that requires a certified professional, and with CJ Brubacher, you can rest assured our technicians have decades of experience.

electrical commercial installation
electrical commercial repair


Whether you’re looking for new commercial electrical work or wiring repair, the professionals at CJ Brubacher have got you covered. Our strong history of providing commercial electrical repair in Elmira, Waterloo, Kitchener, ON, makes us the obvious choice for getting the job done safely and efficiently. Our certified electricians also offer 24/7 emergency services so you can focus on running your business, and we can take care of your electrical repairs.


Commercial electrical maintenance is essential in keeping infrastructure going strong and safely. Without proper maintenance, business owners may find themselves facing costly repairs down the road. Our certified electricians at CJ Brubacher can help to ensure your electrical systems stay in working order. If a problem is found, our team of professionals are happy to offer solutions for repair.

electrical commercial maintenance