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Expert electrical services in Elmira

Our team at CJ Brubacher has the qualifications required to offer both commercial and residential electrical services in Elmira.

Stay safe in Elmira with a fully updated electrical system. Our team at CJ Brubacher has the equipment, expertise and licensing required to offer both commercial and residential electrical services in Elmira. We’re confident we can keep your lights on, your outlets working and your family safe in the Waterloo region.

Our Residential Electrical Services

Since 1923, our team has been offering local residential electrical services. If your home has outdated electrical wiring, panels or fixtures, then your family may be at risk of electrocution or an electrical fire. Connect with a locally licensed electrician for one or more of these services:

  • New installation
  • Electrical repair
  • Routine maintenance

A new installation project requires a permit and a certified electrician. These projects help you build a new home, complete an addition or navigate a home renovation safely. Add outlets to keep up with your family’s needs or install new lighting for a comfortable home experience.

Repairs help you avoid an unsafe situation. A cracked outlet, exposed wire or other issue needs to be addressed quickly by a qualified electrician in Elmira.

Maintain your home with routine inspections and updates. Older electrical systems, such as fuse boxes and aluminum wires, need to be replaced promptly for safe maintenance.

electrical service
electrical service

Our Commercial Electrical Services in Elmira

Commercial locations require specialized electrical services as well. Don’t call just any electrician to inspect your factory, restaurant, office or other commercial building, but turn to CJ Brubacher for reliable commercial electrical services in Elmira. We’re proud to offer the same dependable range of services for both commercial and residential locations:

  • Installation solutions
  • Prompt repair
  • Dependable maintenance

A commercial installation presents a significant project. Higher voltage lines are required for large commercial equipment, and office buildings require significantly more outlets and lights than standard home electrical systems. Discuss the scope of your installation project for a timeline and estimate.

We’re confident we can address a wiring or fixture issue and solve it quickly. Turn to CJ Brubacher to avoid unnecessary and costly downtime in your facility.

Commercial maintenance programs help you handle your facility in a stress-free way. Avoid unexpected hazards with routine inspections and maintenance recommendations in Elmira. These maintenance recommendations may help prevent repair issues before they affect your commercial location.

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Explore opportunities to improve your electrical systems in your home or commercial building. Request an estimate from our team at CJ Brubacher to see why we’re a leading electrical service provider in the Waterloo region.