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Keep your lights on and your property safe by hiring CJ Brubacher. We offer reliable electrical services in Kitchener.

Receive safe, reliable electrical services in Kitchener from the team at CJ Brubacher. Locally licensed and experienced, our team understands the importance of prompt repairs, affordable installations and helpful maintenance tasks. Explore our full line of services for your home or business in Kitchener today.

Electrical Services

Signs You Need Electrical Services in Kitchener

An outdated or damaged electrical system can be a serious risk. Look for these signs that it’s time to contact our experienced team of electricians for repair services:

  • Breakers trip frequently
  • Lights flicker
  • Outlets or light fixtures don’t work
  • You smell a burning odour
  • Circuits or outlets buzz or spark

These are the most common signs, but not the only ones. Don’t hesitate to reach out and request a free estimate for a particular electrical repair or upgrade in your area.

Our Residential Electrical Services

Our residential electrical services team specializes in ways to improve our home and keep your family safe. From a replacement outlet to a full panel upgrade, connect with our team for reliable services. We offer the following services for your home in Kitchener:

  • New installation
  • Emergency repair
  • Routine maintenance

Some examples of a new installation include additional light fixtures, outlets or a new panel. You can add outlets to your existing bedrooms and living room or run new wiring in a new construction project.

You can schedule emergency repairs 24/7 with our around-the-clock repair team. Stay safe and avoid an electrical fire by calling a technician at the first signs of sparks, unusual odours or flickering lights.

Routine maintenance includes a panel inspection, GFCI outlet replacement and other tasks. Most components of your electrical system can last for a long time without any issues, but it’s still important to have them inspected for signs of wear or damage.

Commercial Electrical Services for Your Business

Reach out to our team at CJ Brubacher for reliable commercial electrical services in Kitchener. We care about our local community, so we want our local businesses to thrive with safe, convenient and high-quality electrical systems.

Choose our commercial electrical team for your new construction projects, office update or restaurant emergency repair. Your commercial location deserves the same level of attention and affordable rates as homes in the area.

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Request an estimate to see how you can restore your electrical system and your safety today. Discover affordable rates from our reliable team to keep the lights on and your property safe all year.