Our Seasoned Veterans Offer Professional Services

CJ Brubacher employs many seasoned veterans who can help you with commercial plumbing services in Elmira, Waterloo, Kitchener and the surrounding areas. If you are a commercial entity, it is essential to deal with plumbing issues the moment they pop up. When you come to CJ Brubacher for service, we will always assist you as soon as possible. We understand how urgent plumbing service can be, and we take the time to make you feel like a priority. Your satisfaction matters greatly to us, and we will work hard every time to keep you happy. Dealing with plumbing issues is never an easy feat, but it can be made easier by calling the team at CJ Brubacher.


CJ Brubacher has been in the industry for almost a century. Founded in 1923, we have seen it all. Throughout the years, we have gained valuable experience that could help you with your commercial plumbing installation. If you choose to work with us, all of our knowledge and experience will be at your fingertips. We can answer your questions, provide valuable advice, and even offer recommendations on certain products. But most importantly, you can rest easy knowing that your installation is in the hands of a company that knows what it’s doing and is backed by years of experience.

plumbing commercial installation
plumbing commercial repair


At CJ Brubacher, we know that repairs often cannot wait once they become necessary. Especially when they impact your plumbing, many business owners can’t afford to wait for a technician who doesn’t make them a priority. But when you come to CJ Brubacher for plumbing repair in the Waterloo Region you can be assured you will be our top priority. We take every case seriously, and we respond to every call as soon as possible. We even support 24/7 emergency repairs if you are in desperate need of assistance. Call us today to request help, and we will be with you in no time at all.


Routine plumbing maintenance on commercial properties should be performed regularly so that costly situations can be avoided. At CJ Brubacher, our team of professional plumbers can ensure your systems stay up and running with peak performance rates. We can handle all maintenance requirements along with any repairs that may be needed. By handing the responsibility of your plumbing maintenance over to us, you are free to use your time to focus on your business.

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