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Residential and commercial heating repair in Kitchener

Ensure you keep your home or business heated this winter with the help of CJ Brubacher! We offer heating services in Kitchener, sure to meet your needs.

Stay warm and comfortable this year with professional heating services in Kitchener by CJ Brubacher. Our team offers the results you need to keep your furnace running efficiently throughout the winter. Discover how we promote energy-efficient heating in your local area today.

Emergency Heating Services in Kitchener

A dead furnace or leaking gas are emergency issues. Don’t wait until the next workday to ask about repairs. At CJ Brubacher, we take your heating needs seriously and offer 24/7 support.

When you call our support line, we’ll offer immediate steps to ensure you’re safe while you wait for a technician to reach your home. Once there, an experienced HVAC technician will diagnose and repair the issue. They’ll offer estimates on repairing or replacing your heating system to maintain comfortable interior temperatures through the chilly winter months in Kitchener.

Residential Heating Installation and Repair

When you need a new furnace or an update to your existing residential heating system, we’re here to help. Reach out to request a no-obligation quote if you wish to receive one or more of the following heating services:

Heating Services
Furnace maintenance
Heating Services
Blower repair
Ductwork addition
New furnace installation

These are just a few services we offer to improve the performance of your system. Ask about financing options to make the latest energy-efficient furnaces affordable for your home.

Damaged or improperly maintained ductwork can affect your health. Ask about duct cleaning and repairs to ensure warm air travels to your vents without blowing dust or mould around your home.

Commercial Heating Installation and Repair

Our team is also capable of handling commercial heating installation and repair services. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, we’re committed to keeping your business safe and comfortable for your customers.

Choose CJ Brubacher for new construction, routine maintenance or emergency repair service in the Kitchener area. Our talented team can handle these commercial projects with around-the-clock service hours:

  • Installing a new commercial furnace or ductless system
  • Offering routine maintenance plans to inspect and clean your system
  • Repairing damaged components to minimize downtime

Some commercial projects use similar components, while others require knowledge of large central heating systems. We have the resources you need to keep your office, restaurant or other commercial facilities reliably heated from year to year.

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Take the next step to enjoy your heating system in Kitchener. Request an estimate today to see how you can receive prompt, affordable services from a highly skilled team.