The Best Commercial Heating System For Your Kitchener Warehouse

The Best Commercial Heating System For Your Kitchener Warehouse

Keeping a warehouse heated correctly can be difficult. It’s not only workers who need to be kept comfortable. You may have products that require special temperatures. You have multiple options to heat your warehouse, so you should understand the benefits and disadvantages of each to know what type of commercial heating system will work best for your needs.

Commercial Heating Options

Choosing the right heating option avoids poor heat distribution through your facility and energy waste because your system is overworked. It also helps avoid uncomfortable employees.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is a newer type of system that is usually suspended from the ceiling or on panels on the walls. It can also be installed in floors. Instead of blowing hot air, the radiant heaters deliver heat much like a desk lamp. It runs quietly and is more dust-free than heaters that blow air. It’s very energy efficient, but it can be expensive to retrofit a building with radiant heaters. It’s more popular for new construction. It’s also dependent on a boiler, which can add to the installation costs. You may also hear this type of system referred to as infrared heating.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use a refrigerant to pump heat through your space. One of the benefits of heat pumps is that it uses the natural environment and doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. They’re very environmentally friendly. The downside is that the installation can be significant, but heat pumps can last up to 50 years. They also have less maintenance than other types of units. Heat pumps can be duct or ductless, which can be beneficial if you don’t have space for ductwork. Although heat pumps generally rely on electricity, which reduces your carbon footprint, your heat pump can be paired with gas for a colder climate.

Factors to Consider When Installing a New Heating System

Warehouses are often large buildings with high ceilings. You don’t want to waste energy by heating every square inch of the building, which is often unused space. There are methods that can re-circulate the warm air that rises to the occupied floor level. You’ll also want to consider the square footage of the building and the insulation present. If you have loading docks in use through the day, that is another thing to look at. You’ll want to think about the space on your floor. If you have limited floor space, you may want a heating source that can be mounted on the ceiling. 

Don’t forget to think long-term about the maintenance and longevity of the unit. Paying more for a system that has a longer life span can actually save your business money. Look at utility costs and sustainability, because the world is moving towards a greener planet. Should you ever want to sell the warehouse, you want to appeal to buyers.

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