Electrician in Kitchener: Efficient and Cost-Effective Lighting Upgrades

Electrician in Kitchener: Efficient and Cost-Effective Lighting Upgrades

When it comes to lighting, it’s best to contract electrical services in Kitchener before you have a major issue. Not only is your electrical system serious business, but your home’s lighting makes a huge impact on your comfort and safety. For example, poor visibility in the bathroom can cause slips, while inconvenient features make reading in bed more frustrating than relaxing. Businesses also need to consider lighting and how it affects their employees’ work performance, as well as customers’ perceptions of their companies.

Fortunately, CJ Brubacher can help you upgrade your fixtures. With the right approach, you can even increase energy efficiency.

Boosting the Efficiency of Your Lighting

If it’s been over a decade since you last hired electrical services, your fixtures are likely outdated. Energy standards have risen by leaps and bounds, and just replacing your light bulbs can make a significant difference. Of course, speaking with professional residential and commercial electrical services is always a good idea to see what else needs improvement. After an inspection, you may even find that your home or business needs emergency work to address fire hazards.

That said, it’s best to update your lighting before it starts giving you major trouble. To avoid expensive repairs, look out for the following warning signs.

Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Lighting

Frequent flickering is a sure sign that you need electrical services. It may indicate that something is wrong with the fixtures or wiring. Additionally, it doesn’t make a great impression on customers, who may assume you don’t take care of your property. For homeowners, flickering lights can be irritating, especially for those with sensory sensitivities.

Alternatively, your fixtures may work well but look old and worn. You may notice discolouration, a common sign of repeated exposure to excess heat, or chipped finishes. Replacing this lighting can transform the space, making it trendier and more welcoming.

Ways To Improve Your Lighting’s Energy Efficiency

Improving your lighting’s energy efficiency offers several benefits:

  • Reduce energy bills
  • Decrease your carbon footprint
  • Make the space more comfortable

One of the easiest ways to accomplish the above is to hire electrical services to replace incandescent bulbs, which are incredibly inefficient and produce a lot of heat. LEDs are the best replacement but can get expensive. However, they last approximately 25,000 hours, so they’re often worth the cost. If you can’t justify buying LEDs at this time, consider CFL bulbs. These are almost as energy-efficient as LED bulbs and cost much less; they only last a fraction of the time an LED does, but they beat incandescent bulbs by miles.

Homeowners may also consider installing dimmer switches for better control over their energy use. Motion detectors and timers can also optimize this resource.

Reasons To Hire an Electrician for Renovations

Whenever you have a lighting issue, it’s essential to hire professional electrical services, such as those offered by CJ Brubacher. Electrical work can be dangerous, which is why electricians complete years of hands-on training and must pass rigorous exams before obtaining their licenses. This training ensures they know all regulations to keep their clients safe.

Additionally, professional electricians have proper insurance coverage. Should an accident or a mistake occur during work, their policies will cover the costs of repairs and medical care.

Hiring Professional Electrical Services in Kitchener

CJ Brubacher has proudly served homeowners and business owners for 100 years and continues to set the standard in heating, plumbing and electrical services. Whether you need major repairs or want to make minor changes to your fixtures, this team of professionals can assist. The many skilled professionals at CJ Brubacher can tackle complex projects, ensuring you only have to make one call. Learn more by visiting the website or giving us a call at 519-669-3362.