Why Surge Protectors Are Important in Any Waterloo Home

Why Surge Protectors Are Important in Any Waterloo Home

Compared to just a few decades ago, today’s homes look like high-tech command centers. Chances are your kitchen, family room, and home office each contain more electronic gadgets than entire houses did when you were growing up.

All that equipment represents a sizable investment, so protecting your electronics is paramount. That’s where adding surge protectors in every room or to your whole house comes in. Read on to learn about the importance of these devices, and how the electrical services in Waterloo that CJ Brubacher LTD. provide are there to ensure your electronics and your home are safe from harm.

Understanding Surge Protectors

Electronics require a consistent amount of energy to operate correctly. Spikes in energy caused by anything from lightning strikes to faulty wiring to equipment malfunctions are dangerous for most devices. The ensuing damage to internal batteries or circuit boards may render electronics unusable.

Many people confuse power strips and surge protectors, but the two are not interchangeable. Some power strips simply act as additional outlets or extensions and don’t provide any protection from electricity spikes. Don’t assume that the power strips you’re using combat surges unless they specifically refer to suppression or protection when you take a close look at them.

How Surge Protectors Preserve Your Tech

By plugging your items into a surge protector rather than directly into a wall socket, you ensure that excess electricity is diverted away from your device before damage results. That’s why it’s important to route all power cords belonging to expensive tech devices through a protector.

Be aware, however, that using a surge protector isn’t a “set it and forget it” cure-all. They are subject to wear out over time, so periodically check the indicator light on all of your protectors to be sure they’re still working properly.

How Surge Protection Saves You Money

Using surge protectors is a clear case of spending a little to potentially save a lot. Compared to the cost of replacing fried televisions and computers, the amount of money you’ll shell out for a few quality protectors is negligible. Think of it as purchasing an insurance policy for your important devices.

Why Every Home Needs Protection

It’s not just your devices that can incur serious problems due to energy spikes. Sadly, overheated electronic equipment may catch fire, causing danger and damage to more than just the affected items. That’s why using surge protectors is an important safety measure for every homeowner. As troubling as burning out your entertainment system due to electricity spikes would be, losing your home and imperilling your loved ones would be devastating.

For many homeowners, investing in a whole-house surge protector is a wise investment. Although it requires professional installation and is more expensive than picking up a few socket-based protectors, the enhanced security against spikes is well worth it. Call an expert from CJ Brubacher to evaluate your home and your needs, as some houses may need more than one protector to cover every area.

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Because protecting your electronics, your home, and your family is paramount, always hire top professionals in residential electrical services like CJ Brubacher to ensure you’re working with the best. With our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and almost 100 years of experience, you can count on CJ Brubacher Ltd. to handle all of your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC needs.

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