Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations: Maximizing Space and Improving Functionality

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations: Maximizing Space and Improving Functionality

Most people want their homes to have as much space and be as well suited to their needs as possible. It is often worth it for homeowners to make a call to home renovation services in Waterloo to discuss some ways to enhance their living spaces. Here are some things that homeowners, as well as professionals, can do to maximize space and improve the functionality of kitchens and bathrooms. 

Upgrade the Lights

Light upgrades can boost the functionality of a house by allowing its residents to see better and providing them with more options when it comes to lighting a room in a way that enhances its ambiance. Compared to some other types of upgrades, installing new lights is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to make improvements to the home. 

In the kitchen, adding more lights to areas of the room where people prepare food and eat can add to the overall experience. More importantly, proper lighting in food preparation areas provides additional safety when chopping food with knives and engaging in other kitchen activities. 

In the bathroom, installing lights around the mirror and sink make it easier for residents to go about their skincare routines and apply makeup. In addition, even though better lighting does nothing to increase space in and of itself, lights can help make a room appear larger than it really is. 

There are many lighting options for homeowners to choose from, and making a selection can easily turn into a fun weekend project. As always, contact an electrician near me if they need assistance installing lights, or if they have any questions about whether or not their home’s electrical system can withstand more lights. 

Consider Additional Storage

More storage increases a home’s functionality because having more storage means that it is easier to remove clutter from various rooms and put it someplace where it cannot be seen by guests and other residents. More storage also helps homeowners make the most of the space that they have because it provides a place to store items off the floor and countertops. 

Many homeowners opt to have someone install additional cabinets in their kitchens as a way to have more storage space. This way, they can put dishes and small appliances like coffee makers in the cabinets and have more room on the countertops for food preparation. 

Plumbing services can install a new sink in the bathroom to increase storage. If someone owns a home that does not have a cabinet under the sink, installing one where they can store unneeded items helps to make the bathroom more tidy and functional. 

Add Railings

Adding railings around the home makes the property safer for guests and residents, especially those who have trouble walking. Bathtubs, for instance, can get quite slippery, making it difficult for some people to get in and out of the shower. This is a great place to install some grab bars and reduce the chances that someone falls in the shower. 

Make Use of the Walls

The walls are a great space to hang lighter items such as towels. Not only are towels more reachable hanging on a hook than in a cabinet, but hanging towels on the wall helps to free up valuable cabinet and counter space in the bathroom. In the kitchen, consider having someone install some sturdy hooks for hanging pots, pans and cooking utensils. Again, this will free up counter space, helping residents make the best use of their existing space. 

If a homeowner wants to maximize the space and improve the functionality of their home, they should give the professional home renovation experts at CJ Brubacher a call to discuss their options.