Why is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air In Elmira

Why is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air In Elmira

Perhaps the only thing more frustrating than your furnace not working at all is when it blows cold air instead of hot. Not only is this inconvenient but, in a northern region such as Ontario where winter temperatures can dip to extremes, it can also be dangerous. Excessive cold can lead to frostbite or hypothermia and cause pipes to freeze, and the furnace blowing cold air could compound the problem.

There are several reasons why your furnace may be blowing cold air, and fortunately, some have simple fixes. Others, however, require professional furnace repair in Elmira. Here are some common issues that may be causing the problem.

1. Is the Thermostat Set Correctly?

The thermostat is the control by which you can turn the HVAC unit on and off, switch between heating and air conditioning, and set the desired temperature. If your furnace is blowing cold air, check the thermostat before you call for residential furnace repair. It may be that the thermostat has been set to the wrong temperature, or it may still be set to the air conditioner rather than the heater. If you have determined that the thermostat has been set correctly and the problem still persists, then something else is causing it. However, it still may not be time to call for furnace repair in Elmira, at least not yet.

2. Has the Furnace Had Time To Heat Up?

If you have ever boiled water in a kettle or saucepan, you know that it doesn’t happen immediately. The water needs time to absorb the heat and reach the necessary temperature. A furnace heats air rather than water, but the same principle applies.

Do not panic if your furnace does not immediately start blowing hot air if this is the first time you are turning it on for the season. Chances are, the furnace is working properly but just hasn’t had enough time for you to start feeling the effects. Wait for up to 15 minutes and then check the furnace again. If it still isn’t blowing hot air after having had plenty of time to warm up, you may have a bigger problem that requires professional furnace repair in Elmira.

3. Has the Furnace Overheated?

A furnace can overheat for several reasons. If it is over 15 years old, it may be that the parts have just worn out, causing mechanical failures. If some parts of your furnace are worn out, those remaining that are still in good condition cannot function the way they are supposed to. It may also be that moving components, such as the blower, have become clogged up with dirt and debris. This can happen if the furnace filter hasn’t been changed or cleaned often enough.

An overheated furnace will not keep blowing cold air for very long. Sooner or later, it will shut off altogether. This is because of a built-in safety mechanism that causes the furnace to shut down in the event of overheating to guard against hazards such as fires or carbon monoxide leaks.

4. Is There a Problem With the Gas Supply?

If the furnace is not receiving sufficient fuel, it may only blow cold air. As with overheating, the furnace is designed to shut down completely in the event of an issue with the gas supply. This could be an issue with the gas valve that prevents the fuel from reaching the furnace. Perhaps the problem is that the amount of fuel that your furnace is receiving is not adequate.

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