Why Is HVAC Maintenance Important In Commercial Buildings?

Why Is HVAC Maintenance Important In Commercial Buildings?

It’s easy to take your commercial HVAC system for granted as long as it provides heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Your commercial heating unit creates the best environment in your space for employees and customers. The HVAC system not only controls the temperature, but it also moderates humidity in your building and maintains good air quality. When your HVAC system is operating efficiently, your business runs smoother. Here are five reasons to invest in regular HVAC maintenance for your commercial building.

Reduces Operational Costs

A professional completely checks the HVAC system during a routine maintenance inspection, which ensures that your AC and furnace are operating at peak performance. A unit that is struggling to work costs more to operate. It uses more energy. You can save on your utility bill through regular maintenance. In addition, you make sure that the HVAC system lasts for its full life, on average 15 to 20 years, which also saves you money on operational costs. Many times, our technicians can catch small issues before they turn into costly repairs, which also saves you money.

Avoid Breakdowns

Enticing customers into your store that doesn’t have heat or cool air will be difficult. Your employees may balk at working when the AC or furnace isn’t working. You can avoid unforeseen breakdowns through regular maintenance. By cleaning the unit, checking all the electrical components and lubricating parts to keep them working properly, your unit is ready for the worst days when it will need to work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures for your business. Regular heating services in Elmira prevent disruption to your operations.

Comfort for Customers and Employees  

In the summer, your AC system doesn’t just keep the air temperature comfortable, it removes humidity from the air. Not having heat in the winter can impact your staff’s productivity. You want your employees and customers to have a comfortable environment. Regular maintenance includes professional cleaning and safety checks that ensure peak performance in both summer and winter temperatures.

Improves Air Quality

The air filters in your HVAC system reduce dust particles and pollen that circulate throughout the building. Our technicians check your vent and ductwork system for leaks and gaps, which also keeps your system more efficient and improves air quality through your building. This, too, increases the comfort for customers and employees. We also make sure your heater isn’t contaminating your building with radon or formaldehyde. If you have a carbon monoxide detector, we can make sure it’s working sufficiently as well.

Extends Life of the Equipment

Regular maintenance for your HVAC system prevents the moving parts from wearing out before their time. Our technicians keep all major components of your system working efficiently for as long as possible. If your commercial HVAC system is under warranty, regular maintenance may be part of keeping that warranty from being void. This keeps your overall repair costs lower, too. You can better plan for upgrades to your building, which lets you save for the right time.

Peace of Mind With Regular Maintenance

Soot buildup in your HVAC system can lead to fires. When your furnace doesn’t get enough air, it can cause low oxygen levels. If your AC system gets blocked, it can cause water damage. You can avoid these problems with regular service to your system, giving you peace of mind that your building is protected from major problems. We recommend a service call in the spring when you get ready to turn the AC on, then another service call in the fall when the temperatures turn lower, and you want to heat. Schedule service for commercial or residential heating systems using our online form. CJ Brubacher Ltd. can help you keep your HVAC operating efficiently

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