Kitchener HVAC Repair: Fall Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Kitchener HVAC Repair: Fall Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

3 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner is responsible for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature during scorching summer heat waves. When the air turns cooler during the fall, you probably don’t run your air conditioner as much. Although you aren’t relying on it to keep your home comfortable during the season, there is no excuse to neglect your unit. Using these three maintenance tips can keep your air conditioning system functioning at peak performance so that it is ready for the next summer.

1. Keep the Unit and Surrounding Area Clean

Fall comes just before the winter, so now is the time to take preventative measures to keep your air conditioning unit safe from snow and ice. Take time each fall to thoroughly clean your unit. Wipe down any dust and dirt that accumulated over the summer. Keeping the area clean prevents snow from piling up during the winter so that your unit does not get overloaded. Make sure you clean the system several times throughout the fall, especially after big storms, to keep it operating at peak performance. Cleaning the system also gives you the opportunity to identify any malfunctioning parts that need expert repair.

2. Replace the Air Filter

Most experts recommend that you replace your air filter every 90 days, so you should perform this maintenance task more often than just every fall. However, it is a crucial fall maintenance task because this is the season when the pollutants in the air change slightly. There aren’t as many allergens in the air as there are in the summer and winter, and installing a new air filter is the best way to protect your home from these new contaminants. A high-quality air filter keeps these pollutants from entering your home so that they today outside instead of affecting your indoor air quality.

3. Clean the Outdoor Condenser

The outdoor condenser of your air conditioning system is probably one of the elements you interact with least frequently. If the condenser is choked out with a lot of vegetation or gets dirty from the elements, your unit won’t run efficiently. You can easily prevent problems from occurring by periodically removing the vegetation that grows around the condenser. By allowing air to circulate easily around the condenser, you can keep your system running smoothly.

Call for Help When the Unit Malfunctions

If you aren’t running your air conditioning system frequently, you may not pay close attention to how it functions. However, calling a professional for help as soon as you notice an issue is the best way to save money on expensive repairs. When your air conditioner malfunctions, repair expenses can quickly spiral out of control. You may even need a new unit if you wait too long to resolve issues.

Performing regular maintenance on your unit can help you keep it running smoothly. It also helps you identify minor problems before they become major issues. If you don’t have much experience with air conditioners and don’t know what to look for in terms of problems, call the experts at CJ Brubacher to help. We have years of experience in the HVAC industry and are ready to keep your unit running smoothly for decades.

Schedule an Appointment for Air Conditioning Maintenance Today

Keeping your home or business building cool during heat waves is important. When you need air conditioning services in Kitchener, CJ Brubacher is here to help. In addition to residential air conditioning services, we also offer commercial air conditioning services to ensure you stay cool and comfortable whether you are at home or work. Contact us today to set up an appointment to maintain your air conditioning unit during the fall so that it is ready to serve you next summer.

Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Waterloo HVAC Services: Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Early summer is the time to do a full checkup on your HVAC system. If you wait until it’s truly hot in the late summer, you may find that your system is already overworked and in need of repair. Technicians are often booked and fully scheduled by the time that you really need a service. Don’t wait until an emergency happens. Use these proactive precautions recommended by expert air conditioning services in Waterloo

1. Check Your Air Filter

Over time, an air filter becomes clogged with dust and debris that the HVAC system sucks out of the air. After all, its job is to trap the fine particulate matter before recirculating it into your home where you breathe. Because of this, your air filter needs to be routinely cleaned or replaced. Failing to do this can cause your air conditioner to work extra hard, especially when it pulls the outside air into the system to be cooled.

This can lead to a higher energy bill, and create additional wear and tear on the HVAC mechanisms. Pet dander, dust, pollen, and pollution can also get trapped in your air filter. Remove your air filter from its secure location, to get a better look at it. If it is thick with caked-on junk like the lint filter of a dryer, it needs to be replaced. 

2. Have a Professional Clean Your Air Ducts

This task will best be done by a professional who’s qualified in residential air conditioning maintenance. They will come equipped with the personal protective equipment necessary for investigating your crawlspace, attic, and other tight locations of ductwork. They will know how to avoid damage to the ducts and delicate flooring that is often found in hollow spaces. Professionals can also readily identify where the ducts are suffering from damage such as rodent holes and disconnected fasteners. 

3. Keep Vents Unobstructed

The homeowner can usually do this aspect of HVAC maintenance. If you have floor vents, make sure that there are no bookcases, beds, couches, recliners, or other furniture that may be blocking the airflow. A common cause of ineffective cooling is vents that are unintentionally blocked. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. 

If you have ceiling vents, make sure their slider bars are in the open position so that the air is actually flowing down into the room. Otherwise, the vents are closed and the cold air is being rerouted to another room. Also make sure that are no shelves, curtains, or decorations that are impeding the flow of the ceiling vents.

4. Check Your Electrical Wiring

Visually inspect the wiring inside your HVAC furnace. Call a residential or commercial air conditioning expert if you notice any fraying, char, or scorching. Ineffective or broken wiring may not only impact the effectiveness of your air conditioning. It may also be a fire risk, especially during the hot summer months. 

Faulty wiring may also be affecting your thermostat, which in turn could impact the effectiveness of your cooling system. Ask a technician to verify that the wiring from the furnace to the thermostat is still fully intact and installed correctly. 

Residential Air Conditioning Services in Waterloo 

When you schedule a service with CJ Brubacher, you will get a timely and thorough response. We have conducted business with integrity since 1923, and we take pride in our work. Our affordable prices, long-term employees, and highly educated staff are at your service. 

We especially want your experience to be convenient and affordable. Take advantage of our financing options, up to $100,000. The application process is fast, and monthly installments can be easily arranged. 

Why Is HVAC Maintenance Important In Commercial Buildings?

Why Is HVAC Maintenance Important In Commercial Buildings?

It’s easy to take your commercial HVAC system for granted as long as it provides heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Your commercial heating unit creates the best environment in your space for employees and customers. The HVAC system not only controls the temperature, but it also moderates humidity in your building and maintains good air quality. When your HVAC system is operating efficiently, your business runs smoother. Here are five reasons to invest in regular HVAC maintenance for your commercial building.

Reduces Operational Costs

A professional completely checks the HVAC system during a routine maintenance inspection, which ensures that your AC and furnace are operating at peak performance. A unit that is struggling to work costs more to operate. It uses more energy. You can save on your utility bill through regular maintenance. In addition, you make sure that the HVAC system lasts for its full life, on average 15 to 20 years, which also saves you money on operational costs. Many times, our technicians can catch small issues before they turn into costly repairs, which also saves you money.

Avoid Breakdowns

Enticing customers into your store that doesn’t have heat or cool air will be difficult. Your employees may balk at working when the AC or furnace isn’t working. You can avoid unforeseen breakdowns through regular maintenance. By cleaning the unit, checking all the electrical components and lubricating parts to keep them working properly, your unit is ready for the worst days when it will need to work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures for your business. Regular heating services in Elmira prevent disruption to your operations.

Comfort for Customers and Employees  

In the summer, your AC system doesn’t just keep the air temperature comfortable, it removes humidity from the air. Not having heat in the winter can impact your staff’s productivity. You want your employees and customers to have a comfortable environment. Regular maintenance includes professional cleaning and safety checks that ensure peak performance in both summer and winter temperatures.

Improves Air Quality

The air filters in your HVAC system reduce dust particles and pollen that circulate throughout the building. Our technicians check your vent and ductwork system for leaks and gaps, which also keeps your system more efficient and improves air quality through your building. This, too, increases the comfort for customers and employees. We also make sure your heater isn’t contaminating your building with radon or formaldehyde. If you have a carbon monoxide detector, we can make sure it’s working sufficiently as well.

Extends Life of the Equipment

Regular maintenance for your HVAC system prevents the moving parts from wearing out before their time. Our technicians keep all major components of your system working efficiently for as long as possible. If your commercial HVAC system is under warranty, regular maintenance may be part of keeping that warranty from being void. This keeps your overall repair costs lower, too. You can better plan for upgrades to your building, which lets you save for the right time.

Peace of Mind With Regular Maintenance

Soot buildup in your HVAC system can lead to fires. When your furnace doesn’t get enough air, it can cause low oxygen levels. If your AC system gets blocked, it can cause water damage. You can avoid these problems with regular service to your system, giving you peace of mind that your building is protected from major problems. We recommend a service call in the spring when you get ready to turn the AC on, then another service call in the fall when the temperatures turn lower, and you want to heat. Schedule service for commercial or residential heating systems using our online form. CJ Brubacher Ltd. can help you keep your HVAC operating efficiently