Ensure Your AC Is Running Efficiently in Waterloo With These Tips

Ensure Your AC Is Running Efficiently in Waterloo With These Tips

4 Tips to Ensure Your A/C Is Ready for Summer

The best way to avoid the heat in the summer is to step into the air conditioning. Unfortunately, too many people fail to check their A/C units before the hot weather. You do not want to be stuck sweltering in the heat of the summer without a working A/C. Air conditioning services in Waterloo can help assess your system, but there are a few things you can do as well. 

You can kick your system on before you need it to ensure it is running smoothly. Additionally, you can clean the unit off from the winter muck. There are four more things you can do, but they are best left to professionals if you do not feel comfortable. 

1. Check the Filter

Air conditioning filters are not lifetime warranty parts. A filter will get dirty and need replacement. Most manufacturers and service technicians recommend replacing filters once every three months. However, you should replace them more often if you have allergies or other conditions. 

A dirty filter is one of the leading causes of a faulty air conditioning unit. A clogged filter can affect blowing pressure and so much more. If you just realize that you do not remember the last time you replaced the filter, go get yourself a replacement. Filters are among the most straightforward components to replace. You can usually find the location of the access panel in the owner’s manual. 

2. Check the Blower

Residential air conditioning unit installations are usually on the outside of the home. Some professionals install units on the roof, but many are along the perimeter of the house. Every unit has a blower, which contains a fan and motor. The blower does make some noise, but the noise should not excel a specific level. 

If your blower is loud or producing strange noises, there might be something wrong. Because of the components, the problem could be a belt or other mechanical part. You should be able to see the fan through a vent on top of the unit. If the fan seems inconsistent, contact a professional to assess the internal components. 

3. Check the Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are crucial parts of your A/C unit. The coils absorb the heat from inside your home, replacing the hot air with cold or cool air. However, for the coils to work correctly, they need to be clean. Dirty coils can cost you up to 30% more on your utility bills. Additionally, poorly maintained coils can affect system performance. 

You can prevent dirty evaporator coils by remembering to replace your air filter once every three months. Additionally, you should have your unit maintained by a professional at least once per year. Having the unit inspected at the beginning and end of the season is even better. 

4. Check the Thermostat

Many people get themselves anxious over nothing. Sometimes, the problem with your system is not the air conditioning unit, but the thermostat in the house. Thermostats are sensitive devices, and because they live on a wall, it is possible for damage to occur. Before you blame your A/C unit for a problem, check your household thermostat. 

If the thermostat is okay, check your unit’s temperature. Set a thermometer on the register supplying your home with cool air. Let it sit there for five minutes. Record the temperature reading. Move the thermometer to the return vent. There should be a 15° discrepancy between the two readings. 

Whether you are worried about a residential or commercial air conditioning unit, you need to make sure everything is operational come summer. Contact the experts with CJ Brubacher Ltd. and schedule an inspection.